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There are so many doubts reach your mind when it comes to buying a good quality hair weave.

Surely, you have searched a lot about it and found so many different concepts that would have created a mess in your mind.

So in this article all your questions are going to be answered regarding all hair weave types. There are four types of hair weave that is human hair, virgin hair, Remy hair and non-remy hair. All of the above hair types follow different characteristics which affect the texture and value of the hair.

Without wasting any time, let's find out the definition and differences:

What is Human hair?

Let's make it easy to recognize, Human hair is 100% human extracted from young donors with no synthetic hair mixed in it. Do not get confused, human hair of course is 100% human hair but it may not be pure. Now, another major characteristic of human hair is that they can be remy as well as non-remy.

The only difference between human Remy hair and human non-remy hair is the cuticles. If the cuticles are not intact, it will lead to tangling, brittleness, dryness and mattifying effect.

Another characteristic of human hair is that it can be virgin or not. It means that human hair may be chemically treated or may not.

To explain further, if the human hair is the high quality hair regardless of chemically treated then it may last longer. However, it can not last long as remy hair. If it is low quality, there are chances that it has been diluted with synthetic hair in order to get more profit. So, make sure to pay attention while buying human hair weave.

What is virgin hair? What is the difference between virgin hair and human hair?

Virgin hair often termed as 100% real human hair as it is not chemically treated. If you are concerned about virgin hair weaves, you must know all about it. Virgin hair weaves is considered as the highest quality human hair weaves in the market.

It is collected from donors with long healthy hair and has never been undergone any chemical treatment such as coloring, permanent straightening or keratin. The donors are young women who have healthy hair with no split ends or grey hair. Since it is collected from long thick ponytails, it does not need any other processing to make it look polished.

For this reason, virgin hair is the most expensive and last longer than any other hair type. Virgin hair is worth investing in!

The only difference between virgin hair and human hair is that virgin hair has never been chemically treated whereas human hair may have!

What is remy human hair?

Remy hair or remy human hair means that the cuticles of the hair are still intact, moving in the same direction from root to tip. The term 'remy' is the technique of manufacturing. Remy human hair is also one of the most popular human hair type bacause of the good quality.

However, remy human hair is not the best as the virgin human hair. It is collected from several donors who may have colored hair, which is the primary difference between remy human hair and virgin human hair.

The cuticles remain intact and uniformly aligned from root to tip creating a more natural look. It is more durable than synthetic hair means it can resist heat and color. If the cuticles are removed, it may start shedding and tangling. Remy hair is often used in high-quality wigs such as lace frontal, lace closure wigs and hair weaves. It will last over 6 to 12 months if you take proper care.

What is non-remy hair?

Non-remy hair is popular due to its affordable pricing and availability. It is much cheaper than remy human hair. Non-remy hair is also human hair but it is collected from multiple sources. It is usually collected from hair brushes, combs, floors etc. It is sold in its raw form and also as a finished product. By raw form means that the cuticles are intact but running in opposite directions.

It is more likely to get tangled and shed if not processed correctly. This hair is difficult to comb and wash due to its low qaulity. Also, some suppliers use silicone coating to reduce this problem, however, it tends to come back in its original form after a short while.

On the other hand, Finished Non-Remy selections have had the cuticles peeled off and left similar in length providing each piece a thick appearance.

Which of the above types of Human Hair Is the Best?

Now, the answer is obvious after studying all the above human hair type. Among human hair, virgin hair, remy hair, and no-remy hair, virgin hair is the best and highest-quality hair type. What makes the virgin human hair best one is that their cuticles remain intact flowing in the same direction. Also, this hair type has never been chemically treated.

So, if you are looking for hair weave that is durable and high-quality, you must consider virgin human hair. However, most of the suppliers can mislead you selling synthetic hair or non-remy hair on the name of virgin hair, so be careful while buying.

Where can you buy best Human Virgin Remy Hair?

If you are looking to buy best human virgin remy hair, go to KN hair which sells highest-quality 100% pure virgin hair. This shop offers you many options that you will need for different events. Regardless of straight hair or curly hair you have, you will find different hair weave style.

You will get four types of hair weaves like Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Indian hair, and Malaysian hair.

From lace frontals, lace closure, hair bundles to ombre hair, you can create interesting looks according to the event. Hair weaves at the shop will not tangle or shed as the hair quality is remarkable. Some of the hairstyles that you will find on this shop are deep wave, kinky straight, deep curly, natural wave etc. Grab the top-quality hair weaves from KN hair at affordable pricing.

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