Cosplay Wigs: Everything You Need to Know

Cosplay Wig

What Is Cosplay Wigs?

Cosplay wigs are the wigs you wear to bring life to your costume. It helps you to execute your character in a better way. These wigs are very artistic and fancy and are usually worn with a particular costume to execute a character.

What Are Cosplay Lace Front Wigs And What Are Their Benefits?

Cosplay Lace Front Wigs

Cosplay lace front wigs are one of the trendiest and the most popular types of wigs out there that are usually worn by celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, and Beyonce to give them the perfect hairstyle and look for an event, shoot, concerts, or movies.

Over the last few years lace front wigs have gained massive popularity mainly because of the way these wigs are designed and manufactured. These wigs have a lace construction on the front which gives a very natural look.

The lace panel is attached directly to the hairline and the strands of the hair are sewn from it. This gives an illusion of a perfect and natural hairline which is almost undetectable and makes it look like new hair is growing from it.

These wigs have gained popularity mainly because of their natural look and an illusion of the growing hairline. The appearance is so natural that anyone who looks at it would not be able to figure out if the wig wearer is wearing anything on his head.

Thus, these wigs can greatly help in improving your self esteem and give you confidence if you suffer from hair loss and have less hair on your scalp. Moreover, these wigs are very light-weighted and easy on the head so it provides you with great comfortability.

These wigs are the best to be worn in warm weather because your scalp is exposed to the ai outside. The lace is very thin and so it is less likely to cause any sweating on your head.

Also, if you wish to wear your wig for a long period of time then these are the best ones to go for because they are light weighted and are less likely to cause you sweating and irritation.

Cosplay front lace wigs are very easy to apply. You do not need to waste a lot of time and effort in their application because it is very simple and basic. Moreover, these type of wigs provide you great versatility.

You can style your hair whatever way you want. Since these wigs do not have a lace on the back of the neck they give an illusion of a very thick and voluminous hair. This may be a priority for many women who suffer from hair loss and wish to have a wig that gives an illusion of thick and voluminous hair.

How Do You Wear A Cosplay Wig?

Wearing a cosplay cap is very easy. Before you put your wig on your hair the first thing to do is to make sure all your hair is tied down neatly and as flatly as possible.

If you have long hair you can tie them down into a low ponytail. You can also divide your hair in two sections and French braid them. The best thing to do is to use a combination of both braids and ponytails to secure your hair tightly and as flatly as possible.

If you have short hair then you can simply make several sections of your hair and twist them up in to buns. If you have any small baby hair in the front you can simply spay a hair spray on them to ensure they are stuck to your head.

Once your hair is properly tied back you can put on the elastic wig cap and fix it on your head in a way that it goes along your natural hairline and does not slide off your head.

There are various types of caps available such as solid caps and netted caps. You can both wear a netted cap, a solid cap or both i.e first wear the netted cap and then wear the solid cap.

Wearing both the caps helps to give you a more solid look and keep your hair fixed and in place. If you have thicker hair you can layer your head with more caps to contain and flatten them out.

Once you are done the next step is wearing your cosplay wig. Before you do so you need to fix the wig according to your head size by the elastic bands that are there on it.

You need to put the hooks on the elastic bands in a way that it perfectly fits your head. It is important to make sure the wig perfectly fits your head otherwise you can have a terrible headache.

Some wigs may not have elastic bands and may have hair combs that you can push in your hair to secure the wig tightly on your head.

If in a worst scenario your wig does not come with hair combs or elastic bands then you can simple use bobby pins to secure your wig.

To finally wear the wig you can use the flip method. You put your head down and hold the front of your wig on your hairline and pull the cap over your head. Then you just flip your head over and brush off the bangs on your wig.

The hair on your wig can be a bit messy if you apply the wig in this way so you need a hair brush to brush it off and unlock the hair strands for a smoother finish.

Another method of application is from back to the top. You place both your hands in the wig, take it to your back, and bring it to the top of your head. If it does not get fixed in your hair you can use bobby pins to secure it tightly and nicely to your head.

How To Take Care Of Cosplay Wigs?

What Is Cosplay Wigs

Until now you have learned about cosplay wigs and how to wear them. If you have already purchased he wig and have even worn them once it is important for you now to know to take care of them.

How To Wash Your Cosplay Wig?

If you have a Japanese wig then you can easily and safely wash them without damaging their fibers. Generally you need to wash your cosplay wig after you have used it three to four times.

Some people prefer to wash their wigs even before styling them. Let’s look at the best way to wash the wigs that are not styled heavily.

  1. Use a comb to remove all the tangles from the hair.
  2. In your bathroom sink put some cold water and fill the entire sink with it. Make sure you do not use warm or hot water as it can distort its shape.
  3. Put shampoo in the sink depending on the size of the wig. If your wig is made from synthetic fibers use a shampoo that is especially for synthetic hair.
  4. Keep mixing the shampoo in the water until it gets all soapy.
  5. You can then place your wig in the soapy water and clean it slowly with your hands. You must turn the cap inside out to get rid of the sweat that might be deposited on the lace cap. Slowly scrub the lace cap to remove any built-up dirt and sweat from there.
  6. After scrubbing let your cap stay in the soapy water for five minutes.
  7. After five minutes remove the cap from the water and squeeze out any excess shampoo from it.
  8. After this step you need to soak the cap in clean water for five minutes.
  9. Gently squeeze out any excess water from your wig. Let the wig dry in air.

How To Store Cosplay Wigs?

Another important thing to know about wig care is the right way to store them. No matter what way you choose you must keep in mind that your cosplay wig is kept away from sunlight and is protected from humidity.

One way is to simply put it back in the plastic bag the wig was originally shipped in. If your wig is long you can braid the ends of it to avoid tangling.

You can use a wig stand to store your wig too and it may be a better way of storing than storing in plastic bag because it will keep your wig in shape.

The flipside of using wig stands is that it requires more space than plastic bags and would need to cover the wig with something to avoid any contact with dust.

Can Synthetic Wigs Be Heated?

If the cosplay character of yours needs heatstyling then you must make sure you purchase a wig that is heat resistant. A good uality cosplay wig can tolerate as high temperatures as out real hair can.

You must be careful and not overheat it. The temperature should be between 150-180 degree Celsius. Do not heat the wig if it is wet and before you heat the wig you must comb it. Moreover, always allow your wig to cool every time you heat it.

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