A Beginner’s Guide On How To Braid Hair With Weave

Do you need some change when it comes to your hair? Well, knowing how to braid hair with weave can bring the change you need. It is stylish, comfortable, and extremely popular nowadays.

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There are also a variety of braids that you can opt for to achieve this look. You can convert any one of your weaves into a braid. It is easy, simple, and you just need to follow some instructions. If you want to learn more, then keep reading!

What Is Braiding Hair?

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If you didn’t know this before then you need to know that for braiding there are a variety of weaves. This is because the look you want to achieve will depend on the braid hair that you have. Only then you will know perfectly how to braid hair with weave.

The braiding hair is textured as it is difficult to achieve a braided look on straight hair. Every texture will result in a different braided look. This is why it is important to know the kind of weave to buy before you jump into making a braid.

Why Is Braiding Hair Extremely Popular?

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We have all gotten bored with the same hairstyles and hair. People love to experiment and this is exactly what these braiding hair weaves provide. You can experiment with a variety of braiding styles and look great every time!

One more reason it has become popular is that many people have short hair. Because of this, they can’t achieve the braided look and they have to stick to the hairstyle they usually keep.

Of course, this can get monotonous and limit your options. This is why many women with short hair invest in braiding weaves to diversify their hairstyles. It also makes the entire process extremely easy once they know how to braid with weave.

If you have just gotten braiding hair weaves and don’t know where to start then we can help you. You can easily learn to do this at home and braid your hair in no time!

Step by Step Instructions On How To Braid Hair With Weave

Firstly, the best hair weave for braiding is Kanekalon. It is the most widely used braid weave as it is high quality, affordable, and is available in diverse colors and textures. However, if you don’t have that than any other will work too.

For braiding your hair you will need hair weave, butterfly clips, duckbill clips, and a rat tail comb or any other comb if you don’t have this.

Here is your step-by-step instruction guide on how to braid hair with weave:

  • Use your butterfly clip to tie most of your hair and leave the ones at the very end open
  • Pick a small section of hair
  • Pull up the rest of the section of hair and tie them with a duckbill clip so they don’t get in the way of your braiding
  • Get your braiding hair weave
  • Take out a small section of the weave (should be at least three times the thickness of your natural hair section that you just made)
  • Stretch the braiding hair weave by pulling on the ends of each side
  • Finger comb through the weave to ensure it tapers down at the ends
  • Take your weave and divide into two parts
  • One strand should be half the size of the other strand
  • Take the thinner strand and wrap it around your thicker strand
  • Pull the thicker strand and grip that knot in the middle
  • Keep the thinner strand in between the middle finger and the thumb
  • The index finger should hold one piece of the thicker strand between your thumb
  • Take the weave holding it this way and place it right at the scalp of the section of your natural hair that you took out
  • Pinch a little bit of hair and add it to your middle strand that is placed between your index finger and thumb
  • Pick up a little hair from the left side of your natural hair in your middle finger and thumb
  • Take the middle strand of your natural and place between your index finger and thumb
  • Begin braiding by wrapping the strands you are holding together (wrap both the strands you have held in your middle together and same for the index finger)
  • Once you get the hang of this and you know that they are matched properly then you can flip the hair to continue braiding in ease
  • Pull your fingers through the hair after every few steps. This will prevent the extensions from knots and tangles
  • If any ends are coming out then be sure to slow down in that area and hold the hair down with your hands so that they don’t come out
  • Braid this all the way down
  • By the time you reach the bottom, they will taper down naturally
  • Repeat these steps for all the sections of your hair and you are done!

Additional Tips On How To Braid Hair With Weave

Of course, everyone has different hair when it comes to texture and thickness. So, here are some additional tips for you to create beautiful braids no matter what your hair is like:

  • If your hair is naturally straight then to gain more control you can dampen the ends with a mixture of pomade, wax/gel, and water
  • If you have naturally wavy, curly, or coiled hair then you can blow-dry the hair on low heat when you are stretching the weave. This will prevent it from tangles
  • When it comes to micros, box braids, or Senegalese twist then you need to wait at least a week before tying them in a ponytail
  • If you have to make a ponytail in the first week then make sure it extremely low and loose
  • Other than this you can try box, crochet, and cornrows braids if you are a beginner

Final Thoughts

Who knew it would be so simple to learn how to braid hair with weave? Now that you know you can try it at home and see the amazing results that come with it! You will never want to braid your hair any other way again!

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