How To Maintain Curly Weave

How To Maintain Curly Weave

As a trendy woman, you made the best choice in buying a curly weave, and now this piece have been fixed, you leave your hairstylist feeling and looking alluring… a few days later your hair are not looking so hot! Did you know why this happened? Probably NO! It is because you don’t care for your curly weave as recommended, and this beautiful “crown” requires proper care and maintenance to get the best longevity from it. Some females will not take the extra precautions into caring for their curly weave, such as wrapping their hair at night and not washing and caring for it appropriately. When you get a curly-haired pattern, you have even more care needed for it.

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However, before I go deeper into how to maintain human curly weave properly, I would like to explain what curly weave is and its related components for those people who may not know and so that they could have comprehensive knowledge before they go for it.

What Is Curly Weave?

This curly weave is the type of human hair that has undergoes a process whereby the whole hair body is coiled to small and thick curls. This curl is full from ends to root, with a natural sheen. The crease level of the hair is lesser than deep wave and natural wave, but somewhat more significant than kinky curly weave human hair. This piece has a fabulous elasticity, seems extremely fashion and tidiness. With this curly weave, you will look more natural and appealing. The best curly human hair is Brazilian curly hair because of the quality and uniqueness it offered.

Interesting Facts You May not know about Curly Weave

Before you make a purchase, ensure that you are dealing with a supplier you can trust that is going to offer you the high-quality, which means they are offering you one hundred per cent natural curly weaves that are not going to provide you with any headaches eventually.

The number one thing you may not have known is that curly weave is not easy to get. Curly weave is not as standard as straight hair, and thus in some instances you will come across poor quality suppliers will try and fob off synthetic strands as natural, or they will perm the hair to get the desired curly effect, these are things you have to be cautious of, as if you have naturally curly hair you want your weave to be a fraction of that and improve your natural hair at all times.

Many companies will perm and treat curly hair weave to make it looks good. It is often not as long-lasting, which you cannot be too amazed about in that case. If you are the type that like perming your hair and putting it through a regular beating, it is also going to wear. Keep in mind that these strands have been treated with perms, sometimes even colours and then they are given to you to wear for months to come.

With coloring, perming, and treating comes dry and tangled hair. When you purchase curly weave of any kind, you like to put it through a few tests to ensure their authenticity. Hopefully, you have come across a seller that you can trust, and one of the things to watch for is tangles and dry ends, which while not unsafe, can be rather exasperating.

As time goes on, the curls can loosen in the curly weave, particularly in those that have been permed, which indicates you may have to perm them again to get results you wanted.

The surefire way to prevail over these issues is to ensure you need curly weave in the first place. Many people opt for curly weave because when their hair dries naturally, it has a slight natural curl.

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The Different Types of Curly Hair Weave

Different Types Of Curly Hair Weave

Selecting the right kind of curly hair weave is imperative if you want to get a natural look and completely conceal the fact that you are using extensions. Hair weave comes in many types, but the most common types are described below:

Brazilian Curly Weave Hair Weave

This type of curly weave hair can keep tight curls healthy. It is affordable and most ideal for African American women. It is usually not only available in a wavy style but a curly style as well. This type of hair is thick and full of soft curls. It goes well with all forms. Whether it is straight, curly or wavy, Brazilian hair is a perfect choice. If you manage this hair properly, it can be fixed many times, and coloring can also be achieved on your hair weave.

Indian Curly Weave Hair Weave

The most populous type of curly weave hair is this hair and is known for its airy and lightweight qualities. It is more affordable compared to other models. Its thickness is surprising, and it is tangle-free with lots of bounce. It is easy to style and blend exceptionally well with all kinds of hair textures. Commonly, it is very tight. If you care for it properly, it can last very long. This hair is in for natural wave style.

Peruvian Curly Weave hair Weave

This type is common among African American women. It is not only flexible, lightweight but coarser and thicker in texture as well. It gives a full and luxurious look while holding curls quickly as well. This piece is easy to colour. With this type of curly weave hair, you have no regret!

Malaysian Curly Weave hair Weave

Compared to other types, this shiny hair is silky and soft. It holds curls very well.

Other types that are not as popular as four mentioned above include Eurasian and Russian, but they are also ideal for women of all ages.

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Why Do You Need To Maintain Curly Weave?

You need to maintain your curly weave if you don’t want its quality to diminish. With proper maintenance, your curly weave could last for one to three years. Also, there will be no tangling, matting and shedding. You will always have a natural look you desire. Other beneficial benefits of maintaining curly weaves are that it saves money, time and conserves effort as well.

How to Maintain Curly Weave Properly?

Curly weave needs a lot of maintenance! Please be informed that any damage to your curly weave is irremediable, the only thing you will have left is matting-tagging-garbage, so please carefully read the tips below:


There are relic strands on the weft that will fall when you washed your curly weave for the first time or combed. That is not real shedding. Your curly weave is sealed before delivery, but sometimes the sealer may not be active, and you can reseal it if you find it sheds but you need to do it before installment.


You need to co-wash your curly weave after getting it. Only use a conditioner, use a leave-in conditioner on the hair to keep it moisturized. By doing so, it will not only redefine the wave or curl pattern but also maintains that beautiful clean and healthy look. The best thing about co-washing is that it increases the moisture in the hair and keeps it shiny and fit on time without gives you any problem. It is easy!


Only a wide-tooth comb can play the game. Only it can do the trick! Use a wide-tooth comb. Make sure you always comb your curly weave from the bottom up, small parts at a time. If it is tight curly weave, you have to detangle it while wet with shampoo and conditioner. Please be sure not to comb or brush it after it is dry or else it will trigger matting and tangling, and the weave will get big.

Do not Heat

Heat is the worst enemy of the curly weave. The more you heat it, the shorter the life span of your curly weave and vice-versa. Remember that curly hair can be restyled and straightened. Straight hair can also be curled, but you can do so at your own risk. Heating continuously is detrimental to the hair. Go for the hair pattern you like. KN Hair does not advise changing from the original design often.

Daily Care

For you to have a long-lasting curly weave, you need to keep your hair clean daily. Hair moisturizing and conditioning must be done regularly. Please condition and wash it twice or thrice per week. You can apply a mixture of water and leave-in conditioner daily.

5 Essential Tips on How to Care Curly Weave Properly

  • Never comb or brush your curly weave when it is dry. A lot of women do not know the damage this can do to curly weave. It is prone to breaking off, and when you try to brush through the curls when it is dry, you are merely begging to detach some hair ends by pulling on tangles and knots. However, you can use a wide-tooth comb when it is wet.
  • Deep conditioning is required — your curly weave needs conditioning. You should use a conditioner on your hair if it is human hair so that you can keep the hair moisturized. Besides, you should go for a cold wash by uses cold water and only conditioner. The shampoo is not needed, keep that in mind.
  • There are curl activators available in the market. The best are curl serum and curl cream. They are formulated for curly textures to help smooth hair and leave beautiful, shiny hair.
  • Never blow curly weave. Air and heat combined will trigger the hair to frizz out but you can towel-dry your hair and let the hair dry on its own.
  • Never run your hands through the hair when it is dry. Touching the curly weave will remove the moisture from the strands and trigger your hair to frizz out.