How To Put On A Wig And Make It Look Natural

How To Put On A Wig

Can we stop for a moment and appreciate just how in-trend wigs have gotten? Not to say that they haven’t been popular since a really long time but definitely not the way they are today. The amount of variety that is out there in the form of the hairpieces is practically limitless.

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The choices range from any hairstyle, any color, and any length all the way down to any texture. Say one day you’re in the mood to adorn a spunky purple colored pixie cut for a night out, you can go for that, all while being able to choose a wig which has been done with a Brazilian blow out treatment or a curly haired wig the next day if your heart so desires.

The best part about the modern age is how wearing wigs has become extremely normalized while in the past it would be a cause for judgement, largely due to celebs that frequently experiment with hairpieces like Halsey, Lisa Rinner, Katy Perry, Kylie Jenner, Cardi B, Blake Lively, Gwen Stefani, Cara Delevingne and many more.

There also some male celebrities with a knack for headpieces such as Charlie Sheen, Ben Affleck, Matthew McConaughey, Robert Pattinson, Chuck Norris and even Elton John including others.

The point is that wearing wigs these days is all the rage in fashion and otherwise as well, and we’re here to tell you how to do it and make it look like your natural hair too while you’re at it.

Tools To Use

First, let’s talk about all the things you will be needing to get yourself started for the process of putting on a wig. You will have to get your hands on a wig cap, the purpose of which is to contain your natural hair securely underneath the wig.

To give it a more natural effect, make sure to choose one that matches your skin-tone. You’d also be needing some extras like a scalp protector, some scissors, an adhesive brush and a wig adhesive to smoothly stick the wig over your head.

Having all these things in possession, you can choose your desired wig and get ready for your hair transformation.

The Process Behind Wig Application

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Now that you’ve got all the equipment, you can finally start the process.

Scalp Prep & Wig Cap

It’s highly recommended to shampoo & condition before anything else so that your scalp is free from any oil to disturb the wig application. Then you can go ahead and put on the wig cap carefully, not leaving any loose strands out. For your ease, you can braid your hair or use hair pins for this purpose, especially the part of your hair close to the hairline.

Adhesive Hairbrush

The adhesive hairbrush will help you in applying adhesive to concentrated areas and this is also the next step. Most people start with putting the wig on the front part of their heads for a better flow of pace and an understanding of the positioning. Use the adhesive hairbrush to line the adhesive with the front part of the head and the sides of the scalp before place the wig on.

Lace Wig or No Lace Wig

There’s two variants that your wig can come in. If it’s the no lace wig, you can skip this step, but if it is the lace wig, you’ll need to cut the lace out. With the wig on your head in the exact desired place, proceed to cut the lace extending from the wig leaving just about an inch of it. To ensure that you don’t cut even a strand of wig hair, you can use hairpins to pin it back.

Skin Prep

We don’t want pimples on our foreheads or the wig to be popping out from its place two hours after the application and to prevent that from happening, isopropyl alcohol should be used to clean the skin right beneath the hairline. If you have sensitive skin, you should also apply the scalp protector in the same place.

Adhesive Application

How To Wear A Wig

You can either use a tape or glue as adhesive.

Tape Application

Now you have to apply the tape perfectly by the edge of your hairline for a compact wig application that will help in the wig not slipping from its place. The tape should be stuck on in a way that the mid-part of the tape is placed right on the hairline.

Again, use clips or pins to keep the hair of the wig in place and stop it from flying on the tape. Next, gently tug on your wig and stretch it out in order to give it a little shape before placing it in the correct place over the tape.

Press the surface outlining the area you placed the tape on to make sure it sticks to the lace of the wig that was left.

Glue Application

Alternatively, you can use glue as well in a similar manner. Apply a thin layer of the adhesive glue inch by inch across the hairline while pressing on the parts of the hair that have to be stuck there.

You can apply the wig immediately after applying the glue if it is a hard bond glue as that has immediate sticking properties but if you’re using a soft bond glue, you should wait for a little while before application of the wig over it, when you see the glue becoming tacky.

Wig Attachment

The frontal attachment is complete and you can carefully attach the rest of the wig with the help of a comb. Go around the whole hairline in a similar manner using the adhesive of your choice and pressing the wig hair to secure it in place. Don’t forget to clip up the back of the wig if it includes the clip.

Styling The Wig

The hard part is now over and you’ve got your new hair on! Proceed to style it in whichever way you like, be it ironing or waves at the bottom. But before that you can flat iron the top of the wig to make it look sleeker and more natural.

Video Demonstration of Wig Application

This video will perfectly demonstrate how to apply a wig with all the steps that we’ve mentioned, making it easier for you to understand and follow the process as you go along doing it on your own.

Giving Your Wig a Natural Look

You can follow certain tips in order to enhance the appearance of your wig by giving it a natural touch.

Wig Fitting

For a very perfect fit, you can go for a wig fitting and get yourself a wig that will be exact in size and fitting so that you don’t have to worry about the wig not fitting properly, which is the most major source of unnatural looking wigs.

Use Appropriate Products

The use of appropriate products to maintain the wig hair is very important as it can extend or decrease the amount of time you can wear the wig. Make sure to follow the instructions that come with the wig and research on getting hair-care products especially made for synthetic wigs. Negligence in this case can result in the wig hair getting dried out and frizzy.

Treat It Like Your Real Hair

Don’t be afraid to treat your wig hair like you would your natural hair. You can style it in many different ways. Using hairdryers and flat-irons, you can give yourself a bouncy curly hair look or you can have them dead straight or anything in between and the best part is that your real hair is not even getting damaged from the exposure to heat.

Baby Hair

Having baby hair can be a nuisance at times, but the absence of it can contribute to an unnatural look. If you’d like to take all the necessary steps, you can add a little bit of wig baby hair to the front for a more realistic look.

Hair Accessories

Again, you can use hair accessories on your wig just like you would with your real hair with the added benefit of not having to damage your scalp or hair. Go crazy with some funky hair clips or a bandana to give your wig some more style and to make it look completely natural.

Trim It Up

You can even trim your wig to perfection according to the look you want or you can get it trimmed by a professional hair-stylist. This would not only help in making it look more natural but can be really fun as you can try out experiments that you normally couldn’t with your real hair.

Color It

Speaking of experiments, like your cool aunt Gloria has been suggesting to you, you can get your wig dyed any color you want. From solids to streaks to a fun combination of the both. You can even try out the trendy rainbow colored hair.

Parting Words

Follow all the steps carefully so that it can be the complete help you needed for the application of your wig and make it look so natural that nobody would even be able to tell the difference.

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