All You Need To Know About Synthetic Wigs

Synthetic Wigs

Since the past decade, the world of wigs has exponentially blown up. In fact, in cities, such as New York City, Los Angeles, and Brooklyn, one cannot go out for a walk without coming across someone who is wearing some type of wig.

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Synthetic Wigs

There exists a wide variety of different types of wigs, where traditional wigs are made of wool, horsehair, feathers, human hair, buffalo hair, synthetic materials, and even yak hair.

Why Synthetic Wigs So Popular?

Synthetic Short Curly Wigs Finger Wave

So, why do people choose to wear wigs on a daily or occasional basis? Well, a plethora of different types of people wear wigs for several different reasons, whether they may be cultural, stylistic, related to fashion, or even religious reasons. Wigs have gone through several different evolutions and so has the wig industry, which now focuses on catering to those consumers who wear wigs for cosmetic purposes or as accessories.

Do You Need Synthetic Wigs Guide?

In today’s day, there seems to be an endless amount of variations, styles, and types of constructions that can get very confusing. So, here is a guide to all that you need to know about synthetic wigs, from the basics all the way till frequently asked questions. So, let’s get started.

What Are Synthetic Wigs?

Synthetic wigs are those wigs that are created using fibers constructed from specialized technology. These man-made fibers essentially give, from an overall perspective, the appearance of real human hair. Even though synthetic wigs aren’t made human hair, they can still be just as natural. This is, in fact, one of the most prevalent misconceptions, when it comes to synthetic wigs. If the synthetic fibers used are of high quality, then a synthetic wig will be just as natural as a wig that is made from human hair. The only difference between the two is a difference that lies beneath the surface of strands.

Advantages Of Getting A Synthetic Wig

Advantages Of Synthetic Wigs

There are certain advantages that consumers of synthetic wigs can cash in on. So, if you are someone who is looking for the advantages of purchasing synthetic wigs to make a decision, then you have come to the right place. Here are 4 advantages of getting a synthetic wig.

Synthetic Wigs Have Incredibly Strong Style Memories

Any avid high-quality synthetic wig user will immediately identify and vouch for this advantage that comes with using synthetic wigs. So, not only are synthetic wigs incredibly easy to style, but they are also incredible at retaining the style. Once you’re done styling your synthetic wig, the curls, waves, or any other style will be baked into the strands. The styling of the synthetic wig will remain until you wash the wig with cold water, shake the water out, and the strands will automatically go back to their original style.

Synthetic Wigs Are More Efficient At Holding Color

Synthetic wigs aren’t only great for styling, but they are also great for those wig users who like to wear vibrant hues of colors. This is made possible because of the very nature of the synthetic fibers used as hair strands, which are able to hold the colors much more efficiently than human hair does. The best part is that, when it comes to synthetic wigs, fading of the color isn’t an issue even when you wash it multiple times.

Very Cost-Effective

Another great advantage of getting a synthetic wig is that they are incredibly cost-effective. In fact, they are so cost-effective that you can get more than one high-quality synthetic wig, that too, for the price of one human hair wig.

Wide Variety

As mentioned before, a high-quality synthetic wig is quite hard to differentiate from a human hair one. This is why one of the major advantages of synthetic wigs is that you can purchase them in a wide variety of colors. You can purchase one with vivid and bright colors, but you can also get one in natural colors. This will allow you to get a high-quality natural wig, which is also incredibly inexpensive.

Disadvantages Of Getting A Synthetic Wig

While synthetic wigs have many advantages, they also have some disadvantages. Here is a list of 2 disadvantages of getting a synthetic wig.

Synthetic Wigs Don’t Last As Long As Human Hair Wigs

One of the most major disadvantages of getting a synthetic wig is that they have a much shorter life span as compared to that of human hair wigs. However, this disadvantage in no way means they aren’t worth it. In fact, the shortness of the lifespan of a synthetic wig can easily be offset by its incredibly cost-effective price. The lifespan of your synthetic wig depends on its usage. However, the average life span of a synthetic wig falls between three to six months.

A Synthetic Wig Cannot be Recolored

The second and final disadvantage of a synthetic wig is that it cannot be colored over. It does not matter what the color of the original synthetic wig is, such as white or blonde, one cannot re-dye a synthetic wig due to the nature of the synthetic fibers.

Price Of A Good Quality Synthetic Wig

As mentioned before, synthetic wigs, good quality ones, can be purchased at a fraction of the price of human hair wigs. A good quality synthetic wig with a cap construction, to make it much more natural-looking, will fall within the price range of two hundred to four hundred dollars.

What Are High-Temperature Fiber Synthetic Wigs

High-temperature fiber can be considered as a relatively new development within the wig and hair extensions industry. It is more commonly known as HT fiber, which is also known as heat resistant fiber. This means that the hair fibers attached in a high-temperature fiber synthetic wig can be styled using heating tools, such as straighteners, curling irons, ceramic straighteners, and more.

Can i get a perm it?

These types of synthetic wigs are designed to behave the way human hair does when styled using heating tools. In fact, this type of synthetic hair is known to be able to handle heat up to temperatures like 180°C and 350°F. However, when purchasing a high-temperature fiber synthetic wig, it is important to make sure that it isn’t just heat resistant, but also flame retardant.

Benefits Of High-Temperature Fiber Synthetic Wigs

When it comes to getting a synthetic wig, a high-temperature fiber synthetic wig is the way to go. They can be easily styled without limiting the owner to only a certain set of tools. Since synthetic wigs are not made of a human hair yet look just as natural, in a good quality synthetic wig, you will get the look of a natural human hair wig without having to deal with all of the damage. So, even though the hair can be styled, it does not retain as much damage as human hair does.

Can i styling my hair like human hair?

This is perfect for those who love to experiment with different styles but do not want to damage their natural hair and do not want to purchase a human hair wig, which can be quite expensive. So, the most major benefit of getting a high-temperature synthetic wig is that it does not require much care. All the other benefits of high-temperature fiber synthetic wigs are the same as other high-quality synthetic wigs.

What Is The Life Span Of Synthetic Wigs

As mentioned before, the life span of a synthetic wig is much less than the life span of a human hair wig, which is one of the two disadvantages of getting a good quality synthetic wig. Every synthetic wig’s life span essentially depends on the usage and its care. The average life span of these wigs is between three to six months. So, if someone wears their synthetic wig on a daily basis and does not do much to take care of it, then the life span will fall towards three months.

How Can You Defrizz Your Synthetic Wig?

After a certain period of usage, a synthetic wig has great possibilities of frizzing up, particularly under the summer heat. If that is something that you are struggling with, then you can easily follow one of the methods mentioned below.

Defrizzing Without The Use Of Heat Or Conditioner

You can easily defrizz your synthetic wig without the use of heating tools or a conditioner if you are dealing with flyaways and minimal frizzing. Use dryer sheets and run them down the length of the synthetic fiber hair strands. You can also use a comb, which is wide-toothed. Divide the synthetic fiber into small sections and start combing from the ends while moving upwards towards the crown area.

Defrizzing With The Use Of Heat

There are two different ways in which you can defrizz your synthetic wig with the use of heat. You can use a flat iron and start straightening your synthetic wig by working on one-inch sections and starting at the nape. Pair this with a wide-toothed comb to help steer the plates of the flat iron. Repeat this process at least 2 times and let the fiber strands cool down completely. The second way is to use a steamer, which is perfect for excessive amounts of frizzing. The process is the same as the flat iron method.

Leave-In Conditioner

It is best if you place your synthetic wig on top of a wig hanger. While avoiding the cap area, apply the leave-in conditioner throughout the length of the hair. Place a towel under the wig to avoid a mess and leave the wig to soak until it is dry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of all the questions that are frequently asked when it comes to synthetic wigs.

How Do Human Hair Wigs Different From Synthetic Wigs?

Synthetic and human hair wigs have more differences than just what they use for their strands. They differ in their prices, where human hair wigs are much more expensive than synthetic wigs. They also differ in terms of their life span, where human hair wigs last much longer. Synthetic wigs have a type that is heat resistant so retain less damage on heating tools. However, since human hair wigs are made of real hair, they get damaged much more. While synthetic wigs can not be re-dyed, human hair wigs can be.

Can Synthetic Wigs Be Re-Dyed?

Dyed Synthetic Wigs

Since the strands used in synthetic wigs are man-made and already dyed, the user can not re-dye or dye over the original color of their synthetic wig.

Can You Use A Flat Iron On Synthetic Wigs?

Since one of the methods of defrizzing a synthetic wig involves the usage of a flat iron, you can definitely use a flat iron on your synthetic wig. However, since not all synthetic wigs are heat resistant or heat friendly, it is recommended that you start from the lowest setting of the flat iron. You should also start from the tip of your synthetic wig instead of the top.

What Are Synthetic Lace Front Wigs?

Any wig that has a lace front is known as a lace front wig, which includes lace front wigs that use synthetic fibers as hair. Although, what is a lace front? A lace front is a term used to describe the handwoven lace that is attached to the frontal area of the wig, that is, where the hairline lies. Within this lace, individual synthetic fibers have been attached, to replicate a natural hairline. This allows the synthetic wig to look even more natural.

Can I Buy Synthetic Wigs?

All in all, synthetic wigs of great quality are one of the best wigs that you can buy as most of its disadvantages are offset by its advantages. They are also incredibly fun and allow you to play around and experiment with a lot of styles and colors that you wouldn’t think of with your own natural hair. The best part is that a good quality synthetic wig is just as natural as human hair. So, when it doubt, go with a good quality synthetic wig.

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