The Best Way To Install A Frontal Perfectly

How To Install A Frontal

Installing a frontal perfectly can prove to be a very difficult task, particularly when it comes to beginners. It isn’t just a tedious task but is also something that needs to be done with preciseness.

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That’s not all, installing a frontal is also quite a delicate part of the wig-wearing process. So, it comes as no surprise that installing a frontal perfectly is something that a lot of people struggle with.

If you are one of those people who struggle with installing a frontal, just bought their first frontal or even people who are looking for ways to improve their frontal installing technique, then you have come to the right place.

However, before we get into the specifics of a frontal, it is first important to understand what a frontal is.

What Exactly Is A Frontal?

A frontal is the part of the wig, which is used to act as a recreation of the user’s hairline. Frontals are typically made of lace, which allows the hair to blend in with the user’s scalp. The frontal runs from one ear to the other and also runs towards the back for a length of typically two inches.

Frontals aren’t just used for the purpose of recreating a hairline that looks incredibly realistic, it is also incredibly beneficial for those who suffer from issues, such as alopecia and frontal edges, which are thinning.

Step By Step Guide On How To Install A Frontal

Before we start this guide, it is important to note that in order to install a frontal perfectly, we must first focus on step zero. This is the basic foundation of how your frontal installation will go. In this step, you must ensure that your wig or even weave has been installed completely accurately.

It is important to make sure that there aren’t any flaws, any loose ends, and more. If your wig or even weave installation is without flaws, then you have the perfect foundation to work with. This perfect foundation will also help with the alignment of your frontal, which will make it incredibly natural-looking.

Step 1

Step 1: How To Install A Frontal

To start off the installation process, it is first important to make sure that your hair is tucked away, which is why you should pull your hair straight back and make cornrows. While the purpose can be achieved by any braid, cornrows seem to be the most effective. It is also important to note that, the direction of your cornrows or braids should go towards the back of your head.

The number of strands that you should be taking in your cornrows or braids should be very less. That’s not all, the bundles of cornrows or braids should be as close to your scalp as possible, particularly when it comes to the cornrows or braids that exist close to the frontal.

Step 2

Step 2: How To Install A Frontal

In this step, all you have to do is sow your net. The best way to do this is by taking your net and positioning it exactly where your frontal will end. To make this easier for yourself, you can use the frontal as your guide to see the exact place where the frontal ends.

Then, all you have to do is sew it. It is important to utilize your net as it doesn’t just help make it easier for you to sew all of those bundles down, but it also helps in protecting your scalp.

Step 3

We understand that the previous step is a pretty difficult one. So, here is a much easier one. In this step, all that you have to do is gently clean your hairline. This step is done to ensure that your hairline is free of any kind of dirt, impurities, oil, and more.

Cleaning the hairline will also allow for a much easier application that lasts for a long time. The best and most effective way to do is to grab a cotton swab and dip it into alcohol. Next, run this alcohol dipped cotton swab all across your hairline.

Step 4

Step 4: How To Install A Frontal

This is the step where the real installation process for the frontal begins. Spread your glue protector across the length of your hairline. The placement of the glue should be in line with there the frontal is going to sit.

Then, wait for around two to three minutes so that your glue has time to dry to a certain extent. It is important for the spread of the glue protector to be as even as possible as, otherwise, the frontal placement can become lopsided or even bumpy.

Step 5

Next, apply your bonding glue over your application of glue protector and then cut off all of the excess lace at the frontal.

Step 6

Step 6: How To Install A Frontal

Place your frontal over your application of the glue. Make sure that your application is firm. Start from one side and work your way to the other side. After this, you should press down the edges of the frontal for a smooth application.

The best way to do this is by using the backside of a comb. Flip the comb and then use it to direct the baby hairs, which are present in your hairline, out of the way.

Step 7

To strengthen the firmness of the frontal’s attachment, use a blow dryer to help in essentially cementing the glue in place. Throughout this step, make sure to keep the frontal pressed downwards. If you do not want to use a blow dryer, then we have an alternative method for you.

Tie a scarf for a time-space of fifteen to thirty minutes. Then, by using your needle, sew the backside of the frontal downwards.

Step 8

Once your frontal and lace are both secure, weave your hair extensions in, particularly behind the closure. Then cover them with your closure. This is the last step in the guide to how to install a frontal.

Useful Tip

Take a dark-colored pencil and mark the place where you need to cut the lace. This tip is particularly helpful for beginners. It will help beginners in placing their cuts with accuracy while avoiding all confusion.

There is no doubt that going through the steps can seem to be quite daunting. However, focus on one step at a time, blast some music, and have a good time. By the end of it all, you will have an incredible frontal.