Types Of Wig Caps: Which Wig Cap Is Best For You?

Types Of Wig Caps

Nowadays, a lot of women are using wig caps more than ever before. Celebrities, including Beyonce, Simpson, Tina Turner, Dolly Parton, Jenna Jameson, Britney Spears and Tyra Banks have furthered the popularity of sham hairpieces by sporting wig caps in their everyday lives.

Of course, most women who use wig caps do so because of a severe hair loss caused by a variety of sicknesses. People who go through chemo treatments and experience hair loss also often wear wig caps. But aside from concealing baldness, most women are starting to wear wig caps for fashion purposes. Wig caps provide you with a straightforward way to change a style or to put on an already perfectly cut and styled hairdo. Besides, some cultural and religious practices require the wearing of wig caps.

No matter the grounds for why most women wear wig caps, there are an array of different wig caps that range in material and proper that every modern woman should be aware of before they buy a wig cap for themselves. Most importantly, if you are looking for a wig cap, you will want one that not only looks natural but feels comfortable as well.

However, before I go on discussing types of wig caps, I would like to explain what wig cap is, and some other things you need to know about this beautiful thing.

What are Wig Caps?

Wig caps are very akin to the construction of a baseball hat. They are the based material used to attach human hair strands or synthetic fibres to shape and create a beautiful wig. These wig caps have a realistic look and lighter as well. Besides, it is durable and gives utmost comfort and wears times.

They could also be referred to as netting that is placed over your real hair to keep all the natural hair in place as flat to the head as possible. Wig caps often seem like a piece of flesh-coloured nylon.

Why you need a Wig Cap?

The following are the reasons why you need a good wig cap.

  1. A good wig cap provides a protective fence and protects against uncomfortable and scratchy feeling against your scalp that can sometimes crop up when you wear a wig that is wefted.
  2. If you have a sensitive scalp, a good wig cap gives you an extra layer of comfort and ensures that your scalp can respire and doesn’t become aggravated by the direct contact of a wig.
  3. A good wig cap is also ideal for people with complete hair loss because it helps to prevent the wig from losing balance or slipping. Aside from giving some structure for the carpet to sit against but also helps you feel convinced that your hair would not slide while you wear it.
  4. A good wig cap provides an essential extra layer of comfort and will entirely conceal your actual hair and impede any misbehaving strands from evading out from under your wig.
  5. If you suffer hair loss, a good wig cap is ideal for flattening your real hair and keeping it as close as possible to your scalp which eventually makes your wig look wholly natural with no visible bumps and lumps.

Different Types Of Wig Caps Constructions, How To Choose?

Nearly all women make style and colour their first consideration when it comes to opting for high-quality wigs. Whether they want to change to something more appealing or want to stick with a colour that they know looks natural, most trendy women frequently look at the aesthetics of a wig, and they don’t think of the underneath, the cap that holds the hair-wig in place. These wig caps can be different, and you will want to decide which style you like most. From artificial wigs to real hair wigs, all have a variety of options with the caps that hold them in place. KNhair.com offers a large selection of wig styles available in different wig cap constructions. Keep on reading to discover!

1. Standard wig cap

Standard wig cap

The standard cap is also known as basic wig cap, classic cap, traditional weft cap and open weft cap. Whenever or wherever you see or hear these names, they are still referring to the standard cap. So, don’t get confused! The hair of standard cap is machine-sewed into strips of material, and these strips are woven like a basket to form the appearance of natural locks growing in different directions. The layers of locks are sewn on to the cap which has a lace layer at the crown that is closed. The top is customarily flippantly taunted so that you cannot see the lid from the front. Due to this fact, there is a natural lift at the crown of the strands, which gives you the overall look more volume. Without a doubt, a standard cap is the most common and inexpensive type of wig cap for any quality wigs.

2. Monofilament wig caps

Monofilament wig caps

Monofilament caps are the types of cap whereby each hair is tied to a soft lace material by hand. They use thin, breathable nylon that gives the illusion of being skin. They take on the look of the users’ natural scalp colour because it partially shows the scalp below so that it seems more natural. They offer a lot of kindness with styling because each strand is hand-tied at the crown so the locks can be brushed or parted any which way the user would like them. Monofilament caps are not only much softer to the touch but also ideal choice for those people (women in particular) with total hair loss. Monofilament caps are both coolest and warmest option. They are coolest when a monofilament crown creates the look of hair growth in the crown area, and they are warmest when it comes to a full monofilament top; if you overheat easily, please keep this fact in mind.

3. Full Lace Cap

Full Lace Cap

This cap is also known as 100% hand-knotted wig. It is a cap that makes strands move freely. It is perfect for hair loss and a sensitive scalp. Each hair on the whole wig-hat is hand-knotted onto the base, ensuring that no matter how you style your wig, it will look natural as you want. Full Lace Wigs Cap is the softest and most comfortable types of cap. It allows you to comb the hair in any direction of your choice. It is very versatile. Besides, its unique construction not only put it at the forefront of comfort but also makes it most sought after cap by famous celebrities. With its ventilation feature, this piece will keep your head fresh throughout the whole day. It is durable and lightweight.

4. Lace Front Wigs Cap

Lace Front Wigs Cap

This type of wig cap is Beyonce’s choice. The wig-cap gives you a natural look. It can extend from ear-to-ear or temple-to-temple. For those women who are planning on pulling their hair into updos ensures your wig has ear-to-ear construction. Apart from that these lace front wigs caps allow you to style your wig away from your face, it also instills confidence in you so that you can design your hair the way you want it. With this piece, you don’t need to worry that the wig edge is noticeable. Lace Front Wig Caps are perfect for women who have suffered hair loss along the front hairline.

5. Lace Wig Cap

Lace Wig Cap

This piece creates a realistic-looking hairline. It is usually partly hand-knotted around the part and the crown and not in other areas. These different sides of this piece are machine-knotted and, unluckily, you cannot part the wig in the parts that are machine-knotted. If you properly wear this piece with unique adhesive, it will be undetectable. It is also the right choice for everyone!

6. 360 Lace Wig Cap

360 Lace Wig Cap

This beautiful thing is half machine-made and half hand-knotted piece. It is wholly crafted with a sheer lace around the entire hairline from the root to the ends attached to the circle of the wig which makes 360 lace wig seems as if the wig hair is growing from your scalp. What a perfect cap for everyone!

Whatever caps you opt for, you will know that you will be getting quality wigs with the comfort and fit that you need. Firstly, you can try various wigs with different caps because you will want to know what works best for you since you will be wearing your new hair so often!

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Essential Tips How to Care Wig Caps

There is no specific way of caring for wig caps than to wash it with warm water immediately after use. Also, make sure you keep it in a dry and cool place. Caring for your wig cap this way will make it lasts longer, and the colour would not fade away as well.

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