Everything About Water Wave Hair

Water Wave Hair

Looking for hair texture that would look great on you? Well, look no more! Water wave hair is a hair texture that would look great on just anyone! It has an absolutely wonderful texture which blends just right with the natural hair texture.

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Water Wave Hair

So, whatever hair texture you have, you can wear the water wave hair without worrying a bit. Let’s educate you with all you need to know about water wave hair below!

What Exactly Is Water Wave Hair?

Water wave hair got its name based on its characteristics. It is extremely sleek, effortless and flows just like water. This is why it has become so famous over the recent couple of years.

Water Wave Hair Texture

Water wave hair has a wave design that is progressively articulated because of the waves being woven nearer together. The texture of water wave hair is similar to that of the waves on the water surface. It has large curls which give it a natural look and make it look more elegant and classy.

Since there is certifiably not an administrative body in the industry to keep a check on the texture of water wave hair being same throughout, so, various producers will make water wave hair in their own ways. This is the reason why not all the water wave hair has similar structure.

Some different textures available in water wave hair are as follows:

a. Brazilian Water Wave Hair

Brazilian water wave hair texture gives you an extremely lovely wavy pattern and utilizes 100% virgin hair. They are ideal if you want to add volume to your hair and give yourself a new look or appearance.

The loose curl texture of the water wave hair makes it easier to blend with your own hair. What’s more, it can easily fit many face types as well. With its delicate S and C shaped curls, it has great flexibility and you can twist, fix, perm your water wave hair easily.

This is what makes it exceptionally simple for styling and give you many styling alternatives.

b. Peruvian Water Wave Hair

The texture of Peruvian water wave hair is extremely soft and light. It is thicker than that of Brazilian water wave hair and comes in many colors of dark and light shade. Peruvian water wave hair utilizes 100% of virgin hair as well!

Because of the thick curls it has to offer, fewer strands will be required to make a full head and it can even hold the curls well with any styling tool. The Peruvian water wave hair is highly resistant to damage by sun and heat and this is what makes the water wave hair texture to sustain well in hot and humid conditions as well.

c. Malaysian Water Wave Hair

Malaysian water wave hair is exceptionally magnificent because of the extreme sparkle it offers. After washing the hair, the gleam of Malaysian water wave hair is reduced and will give a more regular look and radiance.

The Malaysian water wave hair is softer and silky than the regular Brazilian water wave hair. It additionally holds curls well and needs no help to do so. The hair color available in Malaysian water wave hair is restricted and can normally just be found in dark colors such as black and dark brown.

d. Indian Water Wave Hair

Indian water wave hair texture is extremely delicate, long-lasting and thick that mixes well with almost all hair types. Because of its flexibility and versatility, it is the most easily available water wave hair in the market.

The waves are bouncy, smooth, breezy and extravagant which makes it easy to style in any way you want. The wave pattern is exquisite and available in normally dull colors. You can style it any ways you like and the shedding is also insignificant.

If handled carefully and properly, the Indian water wave hair can even last up to a year! Even with minimal care, they are very effortless.

Why Black Girls Prefer Water Wave Hair?

Since water wave hair gives a very natural look and is very easy to blend with the natural hair, they have been gaining popularity among many girls around the world. This is why, they are becoming the top hair choice among many black girls as well because of the light and smooth structure with no tangling and shedding.

Lets checkout some common reasons which makes a black girl choose water wave hair above other hair types.

a. Similar Texture To That Of African Hair

The hair texture of water wave hair is somewhat similar to that of African hair type which makes it easier to blend with the natural hair of black women. This is one of the most common reasons for them to choose water wave hair over any other hair type.

b. Gives A Natural Look

Most of the girls specially the black girls tend to look for the hair type which gives them a natural look without giving away the fact that they are wearing something artificial. This is why they prefer water wave hair as they are by far the most natural looking than any other hair type available.

c. Easy To Blend With Natural Hair

Another thing which makes the water wave hair popular among black girls is its ability to blend easily with the natural hair of theirs. They are very easy to blend because of its extremely sleek and smooth texture and no one would even know that they are wearing something else with their natural hair!

d. Enhances The Appearance

As the water wave hair is extremely bouncy and soft, they add volume to the hair which many black girls want. This will enhance their appearance and make their hair look more appealing to others. Making them look more appealing is also the confidence boost that they look for!

e. Offers Versatility

Since the natural hair type of black girls is extremely rough and difficult to maintain, the water wave hair provides them with the versatility that they have been looking for. They can use this hair to make different hair styles which otherwise would have been impossible with their natural hair type.

f. Gives An Eye Catching Look

Another reason why black girls would prefer water wave hair because it gives them an extremely eye catching look because of the bouncy, shiny and thick hair it has to offer. It would help them gain more attention in the crowd, and they would also feel more confident with such nice hair!

g. Easy To Maintain

The water wave hair is very easy to maintain which gives the black girls another reason to go after them. Even with minimal care, they are very effortless and can last up to six months. If properly maintained, they can even last as long as one year!

h. More Durable

Another reason why black girls go after water wave hair type is because they are more durable than other hair type which makes them more durable. The longer they wear it, the better it would look on them. A normal water wave hair weave or strand can last as long as one year if properly maintained!

i. High Quality Hair Used

The hair type used in the water wave hair is virgin hair which is the high quality of hair available out there. Because of the excellent hair quality used, black girls prefer them over others. Also, the virgin hair provides a bouncy and effortless look which they can use to accomplish any look they want.

j. Hair Ends Are Appealing

The hair type used in the water wave hair is incredibly thick, delicate and rich and requires fewer strands to give a solid, full head cover. It gives more completion in the root area and gets more slender towards the hair end to give a more realistic effect which black girls would just love!

k. Easy To Style

Because of the excellent quality of hair and texture used in water wave human hair, they can be very easily styled in just any way they want without damaging them at all. This is extremely important for a black girl given that their natural hair type is extremely difficult to handle and style.

What Are Different Types Of Water Wave Hair?

Types Of Water Wave Hair

Due to the vast variety it offers, the water wave human hair is available in different types in the market. This is what makes them the most popular hair type available. The customer can choose any type they want from the different types of water wave hair available. Let’s take a look at some of the most common types of water wave hair available out there.

Water Wave Human Hair Weave

In particular, it is a style to use when somebody’s whole hair is braided. Once the braids are plaited, a needle is utilized to sew strands of hair into the plaits starting with one ear to the other. It is a costly style which may cost up to $500 or considerably more.

For their maintenance, special shampoos and conditioners are used to look after them. An advantage of the weave is that the length of the hair can be increased without using synthetic glues or chemicals.

Besides making the hair longer, the weave also adds thickness to hair alongside volume, and is a great source of help for ladies with thin hair. It is also utilized to add trendy colors to the hair too without the use of actual hair colors which have different chemicals.

Water Wave Wigs

The wigs are available in different lengths and you can choose one according to your preference. The hair weft is double weft by machine to make the wigs more secure. The hair type used is natural hair which is the best type of hair used in making of the wigs.

They are available in different hair textures. The wigs are made in different shades of dark colors and you can choose which color you want. Because of the high quality hair used, you can style your water wave wig in different styles and the hair won’t be damaged. Also, you can even dye your wig. If properly taken care, your water wave wig can last up to a year!

Short Water Wave Bob Wigs

Short Water Wave Bob Wigs

Short water wave bob wigs are made from virgin hair and is available in dark natural colors. Name any hair texture such as Brazilian, Malaysian, Peruvian or Indian; and you will find the short water wave bob wigs in the said texture. The standard cap craft available in bob wigs is that of 13×4 which can be easily found in the market. The lace material used in most of the short water wave bob wigs is the Swiss lace.

To give it a more natural look, it has slightly bleached knots and baby hair all around which makes the hairline look more natural. They are glue less which means you don’t need to stick it with the help of any glue or chemical. You can even dye your water wave bob wigs easily and it won’t be damaged.

How To Differentiate Between Water Wave And Deep Wave Hair?

Water Wave Vs Deep Wave

Although water wave and deep wave hair have almost similar structure and texture of curls which makes it difficult for people to differentiate between the two of them but when we look deeply into them, both are quite different from each other.

Check out some points which make water wave hair different from deep wave hair.

Curl Pattern

The curl pattern of water wave hair does not run in one direction. Deep wave hair pattern is although similar to that of water wave hair but are a bit neater than compared to water wave hair.


Because the curls of the water wave hair are positioned in one direction, it gives them more volume as compared to deep wave hair which is relatively flatter than the water wave hair.


If you want to look bomb and eccentric, then you should go for water wave hair but if you are looking for a sweet and romantic look then you should pick deep wave hair.

How To Look After Water Wave Hair?

Tips For Water Wave Hair

Just like any other hair type, your water wave hair also requires some maintenance to make it more durable and long lasting. If properly maintained, water wave hair can last up to a year. Here are few of the tips for you to properly maintain your water wave hair.

Wrap Them Up

Wrapping up your water wave hair is a good way to avoid any damage and shedding of the hair.

Deep Maintenance

For your water wave hair to last more, they need deep maintenance twice a month! This would ensure that the hair gets all the nutrition and don’t dry out.

Use A Wide Tooth Comb

Either use a wide tooth comb or your fingers to comb through your water wave hair as narrow teeth may cause breakage to the hair and will leave it damaged.

Wash Them

For the proper maintenance of your water wave hair, you need to wash them every week with lukewarm water because dirty hair can tangle up more often. This will keep the hair neat and clean.

Treat Them As Your Own

If you want your water wave hair to last long, you need to treat them just as your own hair! The more you care, the longer it would last.

How To Define Curls On Water Wave Hair?

If you want to define curls on your water wave hair, you can try the following steps which would give your curls a more enhancing and defined look.

a. Put It On:

First of all, you need to put on your water wave hair wig to start the steps of defining the curls on them.

b. Divide Your Hair In To Four Parts:

Next, you need to divide the hair of your wigs in to four equal parts which would make the process easier to follow.

c. Apply The Conditioner:

After you have divided your water wave hair in to four equal parts, take one parting and apply some conditioner on the hair of that portion mixed with some water.

d. Comb The Hair

Next, comb the hair of that portion with a comb which has wider tooth. You can even use your fingers to run through them.

e. Moisturize Them:

Once you have combed the hair of that portion, take a moisturizing cream or spray of any good company and apply it to the hair of that parting.

f. Repeat:

You need to repeat the same steps to the remaining three portions of your water wave hair wig which would complete the process of defining the curls.

So, if you want to know anything about water wave hair, then this guide is definitely of use for you!

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