Weave Vs Wig Which One Is Better?

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Are you stressed about facing hair loss every now and then? That is something quite worrying. You must be looking for some instant solutions to cover the areas around your head that have faced hair loss. Apparently, not every solution works the best for you.

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So need to search markets, or online platforms to find a solution that is safe as well as easy to handle. Well, this can be pretty challenging for you at the same time. You do not know what to trust and what to decide. And when it is about hair, then you have plenty of options for the hair treatment process. But making a smart and right decision is the main thing.

A Weave Or A Wig, Which One Suits You?

weave vs wig

Therefore, most of the fashionistas prefer going for wigs or weave hair extensions as an instant solution. As you all are aware of the fact that the busy work schedule and hectic daily routine does not allow us to try all the DIYs or apply the organic ingredients on our hair that is why such instant solutions are developed for people who are always on the go. But the real struggle arises when you cannot decide whether a wig is better for you or wear. And that is why the war of weave vs wig goes on. So to make it easy for you we will discuss which is better; a weave or a wig?

But before we get into the discussion, let’s make this one thing clear to you. It is your preference which option you choose. As there are pros and cons of everything, so make sure you choose what suits you the best and what you can manage well. Though wear and wigs are similar, certain differences ensure that both serve a different purpose. So make sure that you know all about weave vs. wig to make the right decision.

Do You Know What a Human Hair Weave is?

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To begin with, our discussion, let’s begin knowing what actually human hair weave is. You might be perceiving wig and weave the same, but certain features differentiate both from each other.

So a human hair weave is hair extension extracted from human hair, or sometimes natural hair. These hair extensions can be easily fixed or attached into your hair by either gluing them in your hair, sewing or clipping. The trend and concept of hair weave emerged from Egypt around 3400 BC. People used to dye sheep wool or human hair and attach it with their natural hair with either beeswax or resin. And that is was Cleopatra was famous for.

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Human Hair Weave

If you talk about the latest trends then human hair weave is highly popular among Africans and Egyptians. Weaves can last for weeks as they are not like hair extensions that can be clipped and removed after you are done. Do not confuse a weave with a wig because it cannot cover your full head. It can only be attached to your natural hair strands.

What do You Know About a Wig?

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Wigs are exclusively made for people who suffer through baldness due to any toxic disease. But now, wearing wigs has become one of the most highlighted fashion to be followed. You can simply see celebrities promoting the trend of wigs by wearing them in different styles. Therefore wearing wigs has become quite normal now.

But what actually wigs are? Well, wigs are basically made from human or artificial hair prices and woven together in a particular hairstyle. There are different sizes, shapes, textures, and styles of wigs available. Surprisingly, there are even different types of wigs. Some are made from natural, human hair, and some use artificial hair-like fibers.

The concept of wearing wigs started from American-Afros and that is why whenever you hear wigs, you might perceive black women in your mind. This is considered as their staple beauty product for hair.

So if you do not feel like spending hours on styling your hair, just grab a wig, attach it properly and you are all set to go! The best part is that wearing high quality, human hair wigs makes it impossible for anyone to detect the difference between fake hair and the real ones.

Do You Want to Know the Difference? Weave vs. Wig:

Now that you know what a weave and a wig are, are you ready to know about weave vs. wig? Well, then let’s gear up! This is because we will make sure that you clear all your confusion regarding weave vs. wigs and make the right buying decision. So let’s start discussing every aspect in detail.

Pros of Wearing a Weave:

The best thing about wearing a weave is that you can change your hairstyle instantly. You do not need to grow then or cut them to fix the weave hair extension. One of the main benefits of wearing a weave is that protects your hair from damage due to heat. Wearing weaves can be the best decision when you workout excessively.

Moreover, there are some tracks in a weave that allows the entire head to be braided. This gives weave on the full head. So the braids are either covered using the net or sewn. So one can get the various option is wearing a weave.

Weaves are secured tightly as they are just attached or fixed in the hair strands individually. They work perfectly to boost the volume of your hair and make them look more natural.

Cons of Wearing a Weave:

3 main issues hinder when wearing a weave. These are as follows:

  • Suffer from hair loss due to improper application.
  • They are costly to maintain and install.
  • Can get tangles immediately that give a worn-out look.

Pros of Wearing a Wig:

Wigs are a perfect instant solution to style your hair in any way. You can style them and even color them the way you want. This keeps your original hair protected from damage. Proper maintenance of wigs result to last longer and can even save your pockets.

They indeed give a new life to your hair and even a new look to your appearance. The best part is that they keep your original hair protected from damage due to different styling tools.

Cons of Wearing a Wig:

2 main issues arise commonly in wearing a wig. These issues are:

  • You need to reinstall a wig daily or every time you plan to wear it. This is because sleeping with wigs on destroys it completely.
  • The wigs are not secured on the head properly as it is not sewn like weave hair extensions.

What is the Cost of Weaves?

The cost of weaves differs according to different types and styles as well. So if you are planning to go for a bonded weave that can be clipped or sewn then it costs around $200 to $600. Whereas, human hair extensions have different costs i.e. between $200 to $600. Therefore, to get a high-quality weave, you need to pay around $1200.

The Cost of the Best Wig:

Just like weave extensions, the cost of wigs also varies according to the styles and types. So the cost of hand-tied wigs, half wigs, glue-less lace wigs or full lace wigs costs between $1000 and $4300. It basically depends on the texture, length, and the construction of wigs.

Lifestyles that Wigs Best Suit

As discussed above, wearing wigs depends on a person’s preference. But to be more specific lace wigs are not preferred for those who have to go out every day for work. This is because adhesives are used to secure lace wigs. So for people who are mostly on the go require either glue-less wigs that can be clipped or half wigs.

Lifestyles that Weaves Best Suit

If you are considering wearing weaves then they are best suitable to protect your hair and give them a break. They are mainly for long term purposes. So if you already have healthy hair, weaves can be sued to either boost the volume of hair or to protect them from damaging form heat and different styling tools.

The difference in the Installation Process Weave vs. Wig

We are sure you confusions about wigs and weave have been almost cleared out. But to take a deeper dive let’s discuss the difference between the installation process between the two. As the purpose of a wig and weave is different, therefore their installation process is also done differently.

• Installation Process of Wig:

To install a wig you need to tie your hair into a bun. Apply lace wig adhesive around your hairline and the perimeter of hair. Wear the wig and stick it firmly to the adhesive. Or you may secure it using the clips if the wig is glue-free.

• Installation Process of Weave:

There are normally 3 types of weave extension installation process. These processes are:

1. The Sew-in weaves

2. Glue Weave

3. Clip-in weave extensions

These installation processes depend on the type of hair as well. And that is why their cost greatly varies.

So if you are deciding whether to go for a wig or weave then make sure you know the purpose that both serve and use that is comfortable in handling and managing.

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