What Is A 360 Frontal

What Is A 360 Lace Frontal

Every trendiest woman wants to wear hair in a tremendous ponytail with no need to cover edges, and 360 lace frontal and bundles would be their best bet. It gives its users a naturally stunning perfect hairline that seems like your real hair.

This piece is the latest fad in the world of hair weaves and extensions. Do you have an ounce of interest in 360 frontal? If yes, then keep on reading because we will answer some pertinent questions you may have about this hair product.

What is 360 Lace frontal?


What is a 360 frontal? This piece is otherwise called 360 wigs for short. It is a lace headband made of high-quality Swiss lace material and hand-tied human hair. It has not only adjustable hooks in the back but extra lace as well. This excess lace comes off your head 360 degrees so that your hair weft could be sewed on in no time. With its adjustable hooks features, there is no need to use glue or tape or evening it on as many people do because it is beautiful and snug too. Besides, it gives your hairline a break when you are wearing hair weaves or hair extensions. It is coupled with baby hair and natural hairline, gives the illusion that your hair is growing from the scalp, and seems more practical.

The size of 360 Lace frontal hair closure product varies, but the standard medium size is 22.25″x4″x2″. 22.25″ is the circumference from ear to ear. 2″ is the width of the sides and back. 4″ is the width at the front. The middle blank section is where to sew onto your wave.

360 Lace Frontal Features you need to know

360 Lace Frontal Closure Size
  • It comes pre-plugged which gives you a natural-looking
  • 360 lace frontal closure (22.5*4*2) with baby hair
  • It is 130% density full thick
  • The hair is harvested from one donor with full cuticle aligned, no acid bath, natural unprocessed.
  • The hair is double weft weaving with no shedding. Virgin cuticle aligned with no tangle or matte. So, it lasts over two years if taken good care.
  • It makes your scalp more ventilate and breathable.
  • Medium size cap with Elastic Band Adjustable can be parted anywhere.
  • It offers flexibility for all-around hairstyles.

Why Do You Need 360 Lace Frontal?


When you get 360 Lace Frontal, you have automatically secured a natural look. It gives you a realistic hairline, and anyone can put it in a ponytail, anything is ideal, unnoticeable as you want!

It is very versatile, which allows you to freestyle any way you want or like it. With 360 Lace Frontal, you are liberated to style all around; opt to wear it in a ponytail, which will give you not only a baby face look but natural feel as well.

It gives you the option of being able to style your hair the way you want all around, not just the front.

It conserves energy, saves time and money as well. Within an hour, you are done! It is straightforward to install. With 360 frontal lace wigs, you do not have to stay in a salon for a long time. That goes for weaving as well. It requires less time. There is no weft sewing need, bundles, and fewer wefts are needed.

This piece is tremendously rocking the world of fashion and beauty. It is becoming more and more popular. Are you going to stay idle or make the most out of this beautiful hair product? A trial will convince you, and pleasure is always with you!

It is comfortable. It gives the headline a break from the tension of sew-in.

Two to three packages are required to complete a full with the 360 lace frontal. You will still need wefts complementing the hair texture to achieve your desired look.

Is there any difference between 13×4 Lace Frontal and 360 Lace Frontal?

Difference Between 13x4 Lace Frontal And 360 Lace Frontal

Yes, there is! Keep on reading! They are differentiated according to the size, maintenance, and installation time.

SIZE: A 360 Lace frontal is suitable for full coverage around the edge of your head. It leaves a round opening in the center, whereas Lace Frontal is a stretch of lace that covers from ear to ear and has hair attached. It is around 13×2, 13×4 or 13×6 in size.

MAINTAIN: A 360 Frontal requires little maintenance. It is also worthwhile in exchange for down-to-earth flexibility while a frontal is perfect for people who don’t mind a bit weekly maintenance, in exchange for lots of flexibility.

INSTALL TIME: It requires hours to install frontal lace closure with hair bundles, but when it comes to 360 lace frontal, it takes around an hour. As a piece of advice, always keep in mind to put your head through the hairpieces, and then put down your hair to cover the lace frontal when you wear a 360 lace frontal.

Which One Is The Most Superior?

closure chart

Although a 360 lace frontal and lace frontal both have pros and cons, there is no superiority. Each type has its uniqueness. For this reason, go for the one that you believe will suit you best.

When you are selecting between a 360 frontal and lace frontal, ensure to consider your daily routine to make sure the best choice for you. The one that is best for you depends on your level of patience and your lifestyle as well.

These two hair closure products can be a tremendous assent in beautifying your hair extensions and keeping your natural hair secured and protected.

At first sight, these pieces may look intimidating, but with in-depth research and a seasoned stylist, you can also rock any style you want or like. For this reason, you can opt for the best option available for you.

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How to Install a 360 Frontal step by step?

STEP 1: You can start by prepping your actual hair and extensions. What I mean by prepping is washing, conditioning, and trimming your natural hair. If you like, you can pluck hair away from the hairline of the frontal as well. You may also want to dye the lace or bleach the knots to complement your skin tone better. Afterward, you may have to trim away unwanted lace from the back of the piece so that it gives you a perfect look you desire.

STEP 2: Immediately you completed prepping, the right thing you need to do is to style your hair in either cornrows or plaits and then put on your wig caps for a flawless look. That requires you to take a needle and thread and sew the two wigs caps down. Make sure you use big stitches in a circle around the crown of your head. Afterward, take scissors and get rid of the unwanted or excess from the top wig cap.

STEP 3: Now, you can apply your 360 lace frontal and place it carefully into the desired spot along your braid or pin and hairline. In another way, you can pin the hair out of the way. Once you have positioned your 360 lace frontal well, you can now sew it down along the outside of the top wig cap.

STEP 4: At this stage, your hair product has already been fixed; you are practically ready to start gluing wefts down in the leftover circular spot. Firstly, prep this area by spraying it with hairspray. As for me, I prefer to glue down the tracts merely. You can begin by sticking in the rear and work your way upwards. Make sure you measure the track against your head before gluing and cutting.

STEP 5: The last but not the least step, once you have glued all tracks into place, now you trim away the leftover lace from the hairline. After cutting the lace, you can style gel to secure the frontal into place. But most professional hairstylists prefer to use lace adhesive. Whether the option you go for, you will get a perfect look you desire.

If you wish to learn how to install a 360 lace frontal with the aid of video, we can also get you covered. Here is the best practicable video for you. In this video, you will know how to install the 360 lace frontal in a comprehensive but straightforward way. I hope it can help you.

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