What’s the Best Human Hair for Sew in Weave?

Whats The Best Human Hair

Are you looking to add volume and length to your hair with a beautiful sew-in weave? You are probably searching for the perfect Remy extension, but you are not sure how to choose it.

Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place! Our guide is the only thing you will need to pick a human hair sew-in weave for your hair. Start reading to discover different weave types and textures, and learn how to choose the ideal one to boost your appearance!

Different Types of Human Hair Weave

Sew-in is only one of the methods you can use to weave your hair. It involves using a thread and needle to braid your hair. A professional uses a braid to sew the hair onto your head.

There is no need to be afraid of the process because it is perfectly safe. It depends on your type of hair and sensitivity, and the process can be a bit hurtful, but the result will be worth the hassle.

However, if you are going to pick the perfect weave, you need to be familiar with various choices at your disposal.

The four most popular weave types are:

  • Brazilian
  • Peruvian
  • Indian
  • Malaysian

The reason why there is a big number of weaves is that black women have hair of different strength and texture. The experts have ensured that anyone can choose an ideal match for their hair type.

Brazilian Human Hair Weave

Many women throughout the world want to look like Brazilians, and hair is no exception. That perfectly explains why this weave type is among the most popular ones around the globe.

If you take a look at the Brazilian human hair weave, you will immediately notice how soft and luxurious it feels. It is that silkiness that makes it extremely attractive, especially if you consider that it comes in combination with thickness and density.

The best Brazilian hair weaves out there do not contain any chemicals because they don’t need them. You don’t have to use any artificial formulas to add to the lushness because the weave already has a luxurious look.

The weave is also impressively durable, and the cuticles should go in the same direction. Thanks to that fact, the maintenance process is made easier because hair tangling issues will be minimized.

Why you should choose Brazilian weave:

  • It gives you a luxurious look and unmatchable softness.
  • The maintenance process is relatively easy because the cuticles go in the same direction.
  • It is very durable and features natural density and thickness.

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Peruvian Human Hair Weave

We are not moving far from Brazil in the geographical sense. Peruvian hair is the next weave we will present, and it seems that its major advantage is versatility.

That means you can choose between curly, wavy, and straight options. They all look equally impressive, and you are guaranteed to attract the looks of people on the street because your hair will look that beautiful!

If you compare it to Brazilian, and Malaysian weave, it seems both thicker and coarser. However, that doesn’t compromise its versatility, and the ability to match the majority of hair textures out there.

While it may be the thickest choice of all offered in our list, it is incredible how soft it feels when you touch it. Conveniently, it doesn’t demand a lot of bundles for a full-body appearance. Do not doubt that you will look classy and elegant with this weave type.

Why you should choose a Peruvian hair weave:

  • It may seem thicker and coarser than Brazilian and Malaysian variants.
  • Extremely versatile, and available in wavy, straight, and curly options.
  • It will give you a luxurious look from afar, and the softness you need when someone touches your hair.

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Indian Human Hair Weave

It shouldn’t be hard to find an Indian weave on the market. They are extremely popular, which doesn’t come as strange because they secure that natural look, which is the primary concern of most women out there.

The first thing you notice when you touch an Indian weave is that it is both light and dense. The hair also has a certain amount of bounciness, which is why you can easily tailor it to your style.

It doesn’t matter if you like to weave curly or straight hair, or prefer natural or deep wave. You can rest assured that you will find a texture that will perfectly suit you. And the best part is that the versatility of Indian hair guarantees that the weave hasn’t gone through any chemical treatments to achieve that look.

Thanks to this versatility, you do not have to think about whether it will fit your hair. The chances are that it will, especially since you can easily find a color and texture regardless of your ethnicity or hair characteristics.

Why you should choose an Indian hair weave:

  • Excellent versatility – available in textures from classic straight to deep wavy
  • A unique combination of lightness and density
  • It provides a natural look regardless of your hair features

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Malaysian Human Hair Weave

The last on our list, but not the least, is the Malaysian hair weave. It might not be that versatile as Indian or Peruvian hair, but it can still blend well with different hair types.

However, Malaysian hair is the primary choice of women who have afro curls or dream about having them. These curls can last the entire day with the Malaysian weave, and the best part is that you don’t need any hair formula to keep its shape natural.

If you are not a fan of curly hair, you can also go with a wavy or straight look. Either way, you are in for shiny hair that will look and feel luxurious.

Why you should choose Malaysian hair weave:

  • It has a high level of silkiness
  • You don’t need hair products to keep its shape during the day
  • An ideal choice for those looking to wear afro curls

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What Is the Best Human Hair Weave for Black Women?

You now know about the most popular types of human hair weaves. However, you may still be wondering what the best weave for black women is.

And our answer is – all of them!

The truth is that you can’t go wrong as long as you choose a high-quality weave. It will give you a natural and luxurious look that you will wear with pride.

The ultimate choice solely depends on you and your preference. Some weave types may be more suitable for curls, while others are great for straight hair.

The crucial thing to consider is how you want to wear your hair. You should look for a weave that meets your expectations. As long as you do that, you will surely be delighted with your weave type and texture!

Best Human Hair Weave Texture for African American Hair

If you are a proud owner of African American hair, be sure that many people across the world envy you. However, you may be up for a hairstyle change, and a weave texture can make that happen.

You probably know, but it won’t hurt if we remind you that it is important to choose a human hair weave texture because it secures a classy and natural look.

We can’t tell you whether to go with straight or curly hair as this decision is up to you. Do not hesitate to try different weave textures until you find the one that is a perfect match.

What Is African American Hair?

You often hear the term African American hair. It is one of the ethnic categories of hair types, and its main characteristics include tight kinks and curls. It is interesting to note that the classic African hair tends to grow slower than other types. That is because of the hair curling as it grows, and it ultimately achieves a spiral structure.

Another important characteristic of African American hair is its density. If you compare it to Caucasian or Asian hair, you will notice how denser it is.

The afro hairstyle, which became extremely popular in the 1960s, might be the most familiar of all African American hairstyles. You achieve it by wearing your hair naturally outward, but you do need to have a kinky hair texture and at least medium length.

If you are ready to find a human hair weave, and you are looking for the perfect texture for you, please note that you have many choices at your disposal. Keep reading to find the most popular ones!

Top 4 Human Hair Weave Textures to Look Natural

Are you looking for a weave that will make you look natural? It is understandable because the worst thing you can do is to apply a weave that looks artificial and out of its place. If you want to impress people around you, you want your hair to look the best way possible.

It doesn’t come as strange that an actual human hair weave is a far better option compared to synthetic. Although it may be a bit pricey, it will be a worthy investment that will last for a long time.

However, it is crucial that you make the right choice for your hair type. Let’s take a look at the four most popular textures that will help you look natural:

  1. Afro curly hair
  2. Kinky curly hair
  3. Kinky straight hair
  4. Yaki straight hair

As you can see, the first decision you will have to make is whether you should go with straight hair or curls. The crucial thing to note is that there is no rule to follow. The only thing you should care about is how the weave looks on you. If it makes you look beautiful and you love what you see in the mirror, that is the weave you should choose!

Here are the details of the four most popular types to make your choice easier.

Afro Curly Hair Weave Texture

Afro Curly Hair

The first texture we will focus on in our analysis is the so-called Afro curl. If you compare your Afro curl weave to other curl patterns, then chances are you will notice this one is the smallest one when it comes to the extensions made of human hair.

That is why it shouldn’t be a surprise if your weft bundles arrive in fixed ringlets, or gently combed. If you are going for a human hair weave, you should be aware that the chances are you will receive the ringlets in dark shade.

Synthetic weave variations are usually available in more colors, but the good news is that you can always dye the hair to get your desired color. The great thing about afro curly hair is that you can choose the desired length. You can go up to 32 inches, which means you have plenty of room to pick how you want to look.

It is important to take proper care of your afro curly hair weave. Here are some basic guidelines to follow:

  • You should air-dry the weave if you have the time. Otherwise, use only low heat or you might risk damaging the weave.
  • Don’t use a brush because it can lead to knots, especially if you are going for the big afro.
  • A comb with wide teeth is an excellent choice for caring about afro curly hair.
  • Keep in mind that you will need to use your fingers to untangle the hair. If you are doing this, begin at the ends and move to the tracks.
  • If you are washing your weave, mix a conditioning shampoo and warm water. It is important to use only gentle methods.
  • Use moisturizers and sprays on your hair regularly. However, choose only formulas free of mineral oils for an optimal nourishing effect.

Kinky Curly Hair Weave Texture

Kinky Curly Hair

Kinky curly hair has obvious similarities with the afro hair weave we described above. If you are not experienced enough, you may even have problems determining which type of hair weave you are using.

The key difference lies in curls, which kinky curly hair usually has better defined than classic afro. In some cases, this weave is a bit larger than the other curly type, but that will depend on the particular item you purchase. Keep in mind that this weave can be as long as 36 inches, which is quite impressive.

What is the key to kinky curly hair’s popularity? We would say that it is graciousness in movement and fluidity. The kinky weave is loose, and the result is hair that moves fluidly and dazzles everyone around you.

It is not an easy task to take care of a kinky curly weave. However, it is essential that you maintain it regularly as that is the only way to maximize its lifespan.

Here are some tips that you want to apply during the caring process:

  • If it is possible, air-dry your hair. That is the perfect way to keep its curliness. Alternatively, you can dry it with the low heat function on your drier. However, make sure to avoid high heat because it may straighten the hair over time, and that is not something you want to happen. You want the curls, so do everything in your power to keep them as long as possible!
  • The cleaning process starts by untangling the hair. Use your fingers to minimize shedding and keep the texture.
  • Use a comb only when you are done untangling the hair. A wide-tooth one is the best choice. Make sure to move it from tips to tracks.
  • Use a mixture of warm water and a cleansing agent to clean the hair. An applicator bottle can be very helpful in these situations.
  • Don’t forget nourishing products like moisturizers and sprays free of any mineral oils.

The great thing about kinky curly hair weave is that it is available in virtually any color you want, such as blonde, red, green, pastel colors, etc. If you like to let your hair on the loose, this is the right weave for you!

Kinky Straight Hair Weave Texture

Kinky Straight Hair

If you are not up for a curly weave, or you prefer straight hair, you can still enjoy some amazing textures. A popular choice for those who are seeking an afro hairstyle is the kinky straight weave. You can think of this weave as straight, but with a couple of twists.

You can also call them kinks or any way you want, but they are not classic waves or curls. Perhaps the best way to describe this texture is that it once was afro hair, but someone has made it straight by using the blow-drying method.

Although the description might seem weird, the texture itself is very attractive. The fact that it is extremely popular supports that claim. It helps that you can choose from an extensive selection of lengths and colors.

Kinky straight texture can be a fun choice for those that cannot decide between straight and curly hair. Some would even say that you will get both with this textured weave!

When it comes to caring about this texture, you should follow similar guidelines as for the classic curly weaves. Those include:

  • Mineral oils can damage the hair weave, which is why you should avoid them. However, you can use hair oils that are plant-sourced to nourish the texture. Even sprays that are oil-free will help to moisturize the hair and preserve its quality.
  • The longevity of the hair can also be extended if you only use low heat when drying it.
  • You can feel free to choose any hairbrush. However, don’t hesitate to use your fingers to untangle the hair before you brush it.

Yaki Straight Hair Weave Texture

Yaki Straight Hair

The final texture we will describe is as straight as it gets. If you are a fan of straight hair texture, look no further than yaki. That is still an afro hair weave, but the creators straightened it by using some chemical ingredients.

As a result, the hair might feel relaxed to the touch. It is interesting to note that there are many different types of yaki texture. One of the most popular is light yaki, which seems to be silkier than the standard version. It is that smoothness that makes it particularly attractive to users.

You will be happy to learn that there are many different choices when it comes to length. If you like extremely long hair, yaki goes to 38 inches, and even more in some cases. The creators do not hesitate to dye the hair in various colors, including bright, dark, ombre, and pastels.

Although the hair is straight, it is still a weave texture, which means you need to take proper care of it. Here are some tips to follow during the maintenance process:

  • You can use any hairbrush, but please not that tugging at the hair may be counterproductive. It risks damaging the weave, which is why you should stick to classic combing and brushing.
  • The drying process should only involve low heat. You don’t want to expose the hair to extreme temperatures because you can shorten its longevity.
  • You should only go for natural solutions to moisturize and nourish your hair. That includes mineral oil-free formula.

Conclusion: What’s the Best Human Hair for Sew in Weave That Suits You

  1. You should always choose human hair weave over synthetic because it gives a more natural look, and it provides extra softness and silkiness.
  2. Brazilian hair weave will give you unmatchable silkiness, Indian offers amazing versatility, and Malaysian is ideal if you are looking for afro curls and ease of maintenance.
  3. You can choose between different straight and curly hair weave textures. The most popular ones include afro curly, loose curly hair, straight, and yaki straight.
  4. It is important to take proper care of your hair weave. That is the best way to ensure maximum longevity and luxurious appearance.
  5. Ultimately, the choice of your hair weave depends solely on your preference. Always pick the hairstyle, texture, and hair color that you want because you will be the one wearing it.
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