The Complete Guide To White Girl Hair Extension

White Girl Hair Extension

People usually have this misconception that white girls do not need hair extensions and that hair extensions are usually just popular among the black girls, but that it not true!

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White girls also love wearing extensions especially those who have thin hair or have shorter hair than they would actually like! Apart from that, wearing extensions on certain special events like weddings is very common too when it comes to white girls.

However, due to this misconception finding extensions for a white girl’s hair is very hard. Mostly these extensions are made for colored women and they can find variety of different styles and lengths too! For white girls, they need to have a different texture than they have for Asian women.

Reasons Why White Girls Love Hair Extensions

Here we will discuss why do White girls like Hair extension:

They Want Longer Hair!

It is hard to believe but this is actually very true and a very popular reason why white girls wear hair extensions; they love long hair! Like every other woman, white women also love long hair but there comes a certain point that their hair stops growing past a length.

One reason why they love long hair extension is that it is very easy to style when it comes to long hair, especially at special occasions like weddings! Apart from that, white women usually have short hair, they either cut it short or it stops growing. That is why they prefer wearing extensions.

They Want To Try Out A Different Color!

Apart from wanting long hair, white women also like trying out new hair colors. However, experimenting on real hair just seems very impulsive and can majorly damage the hair, so for that reason, they like wearing extensions so that they can try different hair. By trying out different color extensions they can see what goes with their face and can color their natural hair according to that color. It can save you from A LOT of trouble You do not have to maintain or follow the post color maintenance routine because the color is on the extension not on your real hair. Apart from that, why would anyone want to experiment with their natural hair only to discover that it does not go with their face or complexion at all? So, here these extensions are very useful!

Plays A Huge Role In Bringing Volume!

Most of the white women have thin and fine hair. If you have noticed, almost most of them have almost no volume in their hair. The only way to style them up and bring volume to their hair is by wearing hair extensions. Hair extensions can bring a huge change in their hair and make it look voluminous and bouncy!

Apart from that, most women face and go through hair loss problems. It can be due to natural causes or certain diseases which makes one shed hair. Cancer is a disease which makes you go bald, so, for that extensions help in keeping your look safe and secured.

Types Of White Girl Hair Extensions:

Now, let us talk about the type of hair extensions for white girls:

Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip In Hair Extensions Straight

These white girl hair extensions are also known as temporary hair extensions and these are one of the most popular hair extensions! As the name suggests, these hairs are attached on small clips and the wearer can easily clip them on with real hair. These types of extensions are so popular because they are very easy to wear and very easy to take off.

Different types of Sizes

These types of hair extensions come in different types of sizes which can suit everyone. You do not even have to do half of your head. These hair extensions are best for those who want an instant boost in the volume of their hair and want an instant change in their look! And we have more! There is a reason why these are so popular and highly liked by the majority because these come in a variety of different textures, colors and lengths to suit everyone, and believe it or not, they are very economical when it comes to the prices as well!

We and every other hair professional will always prefer you to buy real hair. As synthetic hair looks cheap and fake! These types of hair will make you look as real as you can be. Apart from that, it is very easy to use different hair styling tools on them too!

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Tape In Hair Extensions

Tape In Hair Extensions

Are you looking for something that adds more volume? Then these types of extensions are for you! These hair extensions are basically put on by a heating tool and then are glued to the extensions. Your natural hair are then locked between the two wefts. To apply these hair extensions, it takes time as the process is a little time consuming. It also requires lots of maintenance as you will have to come in every six weeks to get them fixed or reinstalled. Apart from that, you have to be super careful as some conditioners or oils might make the extensions fall out of your hair.

Fusion And Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions

Fusion And Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions

When it comes to these type of hair extensions, they are comparatively less popular as the other extensions. In this method of hair extensions, individual locks are glued to your hair, as you can imagine, this can be very time consuming but it is best for someone who is looking for something which requires very low maintenance. You can choose to apply either hot or cold locks, that is up to you completely! These type of hair extensions can be treated as your own hair; they are that safe and secure.

For Applying, How Long?

However, for applying these you have to take out at least 2 to 3 hours because it is a detailed process. Also, as compared to other extensions, these ones are slightly more expensive.

Micro Link Hair Extensions

Micro Link Hair Extensions

Now this is something not everyone is aware of as it is a very latest trend. The application of these extensions is also very unique. It does not involve getting the extensions glued, instead, very tiny and small extensions are placed in your hair and are combined with small metal tubes. These metal tubes are either made of Aluminum or copper, which makes the grip very safe and secure. It is a mess free process of getting hair extensions as it does not require glue, instead, this method is comparatively a lot healthier and less damaging for your hair. These types of hair extensions require a lot of time to be applied on but they can last up to two to three months easily!

Wigs And Hair Pieces

Now, before extensions became a thing, people all around the globe used to use wigs and hair pieces. You can get a wig and just wear it on, this is the easiest and fasted method of making your hair look different. You can wear whole wigs which can cover your hair or you can wear hair pieces like a hair topper, this is usually for those who want to add volume to the crown of their head.

Are Sew In Hair Extensions Or Weaves Suitable For White Girls?

When it comes to sew in extensions, especially for white girls, people are often very conflicted. One particular reason is that the texture of a white girl’s hair is very soft and smooth. Sew in extensions or weaves will not last long on such hair textures. White girls also have this complaint that the extensions come off earlier than they should have. One quick fix for this situation would be to get the extensions sewed by an African American hairstylist. These hairstylists have more experience on how to perfectly sew in such extensions on different hair textures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cost Of White Girl’s Hair Extensions

When it comes to the cost of hair extensions, there is no one answer for that. The cost depends on a lot of factors like the length of the hair, which type of hair extension are you getting, what is the method of installing those extensions, the color etc. The most economical hair extension is the Clip in ones, they can cost you around $200. Tape in extensions can be very pricey especially if you have long hair, they can cost you anywhere from $500 to $1500. To give you a range, be prepared to spend anywhere from $200 to $5000 when it comes to hair extensions.

How Long Do These Extensions Last?

For white girls, these hair extensions will last for as long as they last on colored women only if they are well taken care of. It usually varies from what kind of extensions you have installed and what method was used, but if you take very good care of them, then they can last a very long time and stay in a very good condition too.