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The Kardashian sisters, Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, and most of the more popular and well known female celebrities in the world today are known for one thing; always looking good. And this look is usually attributed to their clothes, shoes, glowing skin and importantly, their WIGS. Yes, almost all female celebrities wear wigs and this gives them a new, fresh and alluring look all the time.

Kardashian sisters

It should not surprise you to know that the Queen B herself, Beyoncé Knowles has been touted as the original Queen of wigs. During her long and illustrious career(which has not ended by the way), she has changed up her look a lot and garnered a lot of attention and criticism for her hairstyles. Most times, we do not even realize that what Beyoncé and these other celebrities are wearing are wigs because of how real they look on them.

Synthetic wigs vs human hair wigs: which wigs look real?

Synthetic Wigs Vs Human Hair Wigs

Wigs were invented by Egyptians for protection of their head from the scorching sun. They were also used as a fashion item and still have not lost that touch. Additionally, they were used to cover up thinning and balding hair and now can be used even in problems of some chemotherapy treatment, etc.

There are generally two types of wigs that are worn:

Both of these wigs are used for style, fashion, and protection. Some high-quality synthetic wigs may look like human hair wigs. However, these two types of wigs have some very obvious differences too.

What are the differences between synthetic wigs and human hair wigs?

There are some distinct differences between these two types of wigs and these are highlighted below

  • Fiber

The main difference in the two types of wigs is the fiber used for making them. For human hair wigs, they are made of actual human hair and usually of 4 origins; Chinese, Indian, Indonesian and European/Caucasian with the majority of wigs being of Chinese and Indian origin.

Synthetic hair wigs are made of man-made fiber from low-grade acrylic, polyvinyl chloride, and polyester material.

  • Durability

Human hair wigs are known to have more shine and sheen than their counterpart man-made wigs. This is not surprising as its human hair source ensures wigs made from it have a more natural ambiance and are ultimately longer-lasting.

Most quality human hair wigs can last up to 3 years if properly taken care of. Man-made wigs on the other hand usually last for a shorter period of bare months.

  • Maintenance

Wigs gotten from human hair are harder to maintain and effort is required as with normal human hair. These wigs may require a professional stylist to customize it initially before they are ready to wear and daily styling to have more control over the hair’s appearance.

Synthetic wigs, on the other hand, are usually made ready to wear from their box and may not require so much effort to style it. Because it is artificial, it is specifically produced to maintain its style, curl, etc. without frizzing and other such associated human hair problems.

  • Coloring

It is possible to color the human hair wig but almost impossible to color the synthetic wig. The reason is simple; the normal human hair can be dyed but most of the materials that make the synthetic wigs cannot.

  • Price

There is a wide variation in the cost of making the two types and ultimately in their selling price. The human hair wig is more expensive because they are custom made from actual human hair.

The major considerations that determine the price of the wig include:
  1. The quality of the hair gotten.
  2. Appropriate treatment of the hair.
  3. Subsequent alignment of the hair.
  4. The type of cap used for the wig.
  5. The hair’s density and weight.
  6. Hair preparation and ventilation time.
  7. Customization for the particular client.

Also, the human hair wigs last longer, up to 3 years so their price is commensurate to their quality and longevity too.

Synthetic vs human hair wigs: which one is better for making wigs that look real

From what is generally observed, the human hair wig looks much more real and similar to the human hair, because it actually is. However, it has been observed that some high quality and very well manufactured and styled synthetic wigs can greatly resemble human hair and look similar too. Nevertheless, the human hair wig undoubtedly looks more real than synthetic wigs.

So if you want a wig that looks real, then the human hair wig is highly recommended for you. Related Post

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How to make a human hair wig look real

Even though the human hair wig already has its natural look and feel, it is still just a wig and not the actual hair on your head. Despite the fact that we love wearing wigs, it is still a bother when it is so obvious to everyone that we are wearing one. We usually want our wig to blend in and look as real as possible.

Some tips may be needed to ensure this wig looks as natural and as real as possible when it is worn. These tips include:

  • Using baby hair closure

For a real look, focusing on the hairline is important. Defining your hairline and giving it the illusion that the wig is growing from your own scalp is certainly the best way to make your wig look real. This can be achieved by a stylist creating some imitation baby hair that can be easily styled as you want. The baby hair is made by cutting and trimming part of the hairline of a wig. This trimmed hair is then styled like a baby’s so as to leave the seam as natural as possible.

  • Using 13×4 transparent lace frontals

Lace frontals usually provide an unmatched versatile styling and the 13×4 particularly covers the entire hairline and so can be pulled back from the face. This would give a real and natural flair to the hair.

Additionally, this lace frontal has an ear to ear coverage which is designed to mimic the hairline. Covering and mimicking the natural hairline would give a real look to the wig.

  • Using monofilament tops

Apart from lace frontals, monofilament tops are also a good option. The hair strands for this wig are individually sewn in, instead of being attached through a machine. Therefore each stand of this wig can be moved however you like and you can even make a parting at any point. Nothing says real more than this.

  • Dyeing your wig

It is important to ensure your wig takes your natural hair color to pull off a real look. An indication to your natural hair color would be the color of your eyebrows. Yes, there might be a shade variation but it is not always too different. Since a natural wig can be dyed, you can easily dye the wig to your natural hair color or at least a shade very close.

Additionally, our natural hair does not have just one color. Usually, the full length of any strand of your hair would have gradients I.e. shades of one color on it. Therefore, your wig should not have just one color as that would obviously be a fake. The best method is to highlight the end of the wig or give the wig a gradient color progression.

However, with darker hair , wigs do not have to show different shades as color variation is not apparent in that hair color.

  • Making your hair as flat as possible

It would be very obvious if your hair, which is under the wig is not packed properly. It would give bumps and an irregular shape to the wig so it is essential to pack your hair tightly with a proper hairband.

  • Styling the wig appropriately

Getting a new wig is usually an interesting experience but it is important to make sure the wig fits you appropriately. Different wig styles are best for particular face shapes and size so that should come into consideration.

On getting your wig, you may need to customize it by trimming, cutting or styling it so that it fits your face well and does not look off.

  • Adding baby powder to the hairline

It is a common feature for most wigs to shine and have an overly glossy hairline appearance. This screams “wig, wig!”, even from a distance. A major way to get rid of this unnecessary shine is to add a little baby powder to your hairline and give it a more realistic and less glossy look.

How To: Make your wig look natural(Very detailed tutorial)

How to make synthetic wigs look real

Synthetic wigs are known to have some advantages over the human hair wigs but one aspect they are not better at is looking real.

So here are a few tips that can help with respect to this problem:

  • Spraying the wig with dry shampoo

The fibers of synthetic wigs are made from strands of different materials, often plastic. These plastics are not known to shine like the natural hair so making them shine would make them look real. Spraying the wig with dry shampoo would make the hair shine well.

Dry shampoo actually works by refreshing and reviving the wig without the use of water. It removes the oils from the wig and keeps it fresh and free of dirt too.

  • Spraying the wig with a fabric softener mixture

Mixing a fabric softener with water and placing the mixture in a spray bottle to be sprayed on the wig is an alternative method of making your wig look real. This would make the wig look more bouncy like human hair and not as stiff as man-made hair.

The fabric softener mixture acts as a conditioner in this case. It would also reduce the friction between the fiber strands and allow easier brushing and combing of the wig.

  • Plucking a few hair fibers from the wig

Tweezing some hair fibers from some specific areas of the wig would give a more human hair feel to it. Most synthetic wigs look too full and this gives it an unnatural ambiance. The center part and the hairline are the two most important parts to pluck hair from. Some random hair plucking along the length and breadth of the wig can be done too.

Plucking few hair fibers would also make the wig more flexible and moveable as a whole. This process should be done stealthily so that you do not end up ruining the wig either.

5 popular women’s wig hairstyle which look real in 2019

It is important to note that wig hairstyles which look real are always natural human hair color. On that note, there are a ton of popular wig styles in vogue but these are the top 5 trendiest that also tick the box as real looking:

1) Human hair bobs

Human Hair Bobs

A bob is a low cut style for women, usually ending between the pinna and the shoulders. It may be accompanied with or without a fringe. Because it is a classical hairstyle associated with women, it may not stand out as being a wig when worn.

Additionally, it remains a very chic and fashionable style as it gives length to the neck and accentuates the wearer’s facial features. The front of the bob can also be cut and coiled to form the characteristic baby hair that makes wigs look more real.

So, to get this trendy look, you either buy a wig of this size, or a longer one which you can chop to get your desired bob size and features.

2) Ombres and balayages

Ombres and Balayages

This style follows one of the major rules to ensure your wig looks real; blending of one color hue into another. In the above picture, this is well observed and this style is more predominant in brunettes and people with lighter colored hair. This style is popular and the most frequently observed amongst all the wig styles.

Even though they can be observed together, Ombre and Balayage have a slight difference between them. For Ombre, there is an abrupt change from a darker tone to a lighter one and this is considered more daring. Balayage is more of a sweeping technique and instead has a more gradual transition with some of the darker tone still observed in between the light shade.

3) Pixie cuts

Pixie cuts

The pixie cut is one of the most natural, edgy, tomboyish and fashionable styles one can possibly find on a wig. This style is a much shorter and tighter version of the bob and is just as interesting.

For people who are looking to cut their hair for the summer or just for fashion or pure experimentation, why not try your hands out on a pixie cut human hair wig instead?

4) Bangs

Bangs WIGS

Bangs are the ultimate protectors of wigs, helping to make then look as real as possible by covering the hairline. This is how most celebrities, including Nicki Minaj, are able to pull off the real hair look with their wigs effortlessly.

There are varying types of bangs ; blunt, choppy, side swept and they are all very graceful and never seem to run out of fashion.

5) Medium length curls

Medium Length Curls

The medium-length curl sits pretty on the head and looks like the regular indoor look. In addition, it is one of the few wig styles that fits on almost all face shapes and always looks effortlessly chic.

How to care for wigs so that they look real

To ensure that your wig lasts longer and also maintains its real look in the process, you can apply some important hair care tips including:

  • Applying hair oil

Even with just a fingertip of hair oil, you can achieve adequate shine that would make your wig look very real.

  • Brushing your wig hair

Especially after oiling, it is necessary to brush the wig to ensure the oil spreads across the wig’s full length. It is also important to brush human hair wigs as they are prone to frizzing and tangling. It is best to use a wide-tooth comb or brush and this process should be done very gently.

  • Taking care of your own hair

It is not just about taking care of your wig and making it shine always, but your own hair underneath should always be well taken care of and conditioned too. When we use wigs which covers our hair, our hair may tend to build up sweat and dirt. This is mainly because our hair is covered most of the time and dirt can easily accumulate in a covered space. An unkempt hair would certainly affect your wig and reduce its useful life so it is ideal to take care of your hair, as much or even more than the wig.

Overall, we have stated the importance of wearing wigs and how wearing those that look as real as possible can be achieved. The major movers of the entertainment industry are fully on course for using wigs that appear real. Why not you?

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