Brazilian Loose Curl

Brazilian Loose Curl

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What is Brazilian Loose Curl?

Brazilian loose curly hair is known for its curls. It has a very distinct curl pattern shaped like an 'S'. Brazilian loose curl are also known as Brazilian loose wave. If you are someone who observes the respective market on a regular basis then you would know that Brazilian hair bundles are one of the most sold hair bundles in the world. Hence Brazilian loose curl hair or Brazilian loose wave is considered as one of the more popular textures in the market in the current time. This hair type is slight coarse however this coarseness helps in making the hair bundles blend in with the natural hair. It also has a smooth and silky shine to it which gives the hair a very natural look.

The Difference Between Brazilian Body Wave & Brazilian Loose Wave

  • Brazilian loose curl have more volume which means that you can use relatively lesser bundles to cover your full head.
  • Brazilian loose curl are also known to have more bouncy curls than Brazilian body wave.
  • Brazilian loose curl are for people looking to rock curly hair while Brazilian body wave is for people who want straight hair.
  • Body waves will get straighten out with time. They are also more vulnerable to moisture.
  • In body wave extensions the strains are placed very close to each other which makes this hair type relatively less bouncy.

Are You Looking For Best Brazilian Loose Curl?

When it comes to loose curls it doesn't get any better than Brazilian loose curl hair. KNhair offers 100% natural, remy and virgin Brazilian loose curl hair extensions. It has a soft yet thick texture with wavy patterns that give the hair its natural look.

The best loose curls hair in terms of quality is Brazilian loose wave hair, especially the kind which is 100% pure virgin because it didn't go through any chemical processes. KN hair provide best Brazilian virgin loose curl hair is thick, soft and has natural wavy patterns. Brazilian loose curl hair offered by KN hair is of high quality and holds the curls very well.

How To Maintain Your Brazilian Loose Curl?

When it comes to maintaining hair bundles there is one rule that should always be followed. That rule is that you should always treat these hair bundles like you would treat your own natural hair. After all, these hair bundles were made from natural hair from a healthy and young donor. Avoid excessive washing of your Brazilian loose curl hair bundles. Always comb or brush your hair in one direction. Try your best to never let the hair bundles get tangled. Once they are tangled then it would not only be difficult to untangle it but it will also damage the hair. Avoid using any chemical on the hair bundles as that would also damage the hair weaves.