Cambodian Hair

As the name suggests, Cambodian hair has some of the qualities in common with the Cambodian people. Cambodian hair is collected from Cambodia and has multiple textures and forms like straight, curly and wavy. The Cambodian hair is collected from the Cambodian donors under the consent of donation. The hairs which are collected are firm, smooth and 100% natural with long-lasting features. The Cambodian hair is the natural hair that can be dyed or designed just like the real hair of the scalp. They have a lifespan of more than 10 years and are stronger and firm than the hair of different wigs. These Cambodian hairs can be shampooed, dried or tightened up just like normal hairs.

Cambodian hair can be added with your natural hair as they are extremely lightweight and look lusciously gorgeous once worn. These extensions look highly natural and their unique feature is that their texture is just like normal hair. Adding to it, the long life span of Cambodian hair extensions makes you feel comfortable with them. This hair can be treated just like normal hair and their long term wearing does not cause any damage to the scalp.

Features of Cambodian Hair

For all those women and teenagers who want perfectly straight hair, Cambodian hair can be the best choice. Girls usually spend multiple hours in salons for getting keratin treatment and spend a lot of money which goes into waste after one month of the treatment. For having a perfect straight hair look, the use of Cambodian extensions can be the best choice. These extensions are less expensive than all those hair treatments and do not need any appointments or revisits. Cambodian hair bundles can be easily carried everywhere. They are available in different colors from black to brown, light brown, maroon, etc. As the Cambodian hair comes in contact with the sun, the color usually lightens than the normal shade. One bundle of Cambodian hair weighs from 3.0 to 3.5 ounces. The length of Cambodian hair can be customized as per need of the person.

Cambodian VS Brazilian Hair

All those girls who are a regular wearer of hair extensions can easily distinguish between both of these hairs and their qualities as well. Cambodian hair is 100% better than Brazilian hair due to its natural texture and long term durability. Moreover, one bundle of Cambodian hair is much more n volume as compared to the Brazilian hair. Cambodian hairs can be easily shampooed and conditioned as compared to the Brazilian hair. The latter one requires a lot of effort in styling whereas Cambodian can be easily knotted and tied as per mood. There are several other features as well which make Cambodian hair better than other hair extensions. They are chemically unprocessed and are free from any preservatives. They are just like real hair and need proper care and attention like real ones. Their volume and smoothness make them superior to all of the other extensions.

They are easily available in the market and other online websites like KN hair. They are inexpensive and highly durable.

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