Funmi Hair

What is Funmi Hair

The word "funmi" originated in the area of Nigeria and the United Kingdom, whereby a creative woman with several years of hairstyling experience developed a brand that is now known as funmi and promoted it such that it reached a very high luxury hair market.

Funmi hair specifically features special curls starting from the middle shaft of the hair extensions. It can be worn by women of all ages; however, it is usually confined to users with the ages of around 30 years or so, making it also to be known as "aunty hair".

Funmi hair is made of 100% pure human hair for all its extensions, whereby suppliers of this type of hair extensions must meet strict quality standards that are uncompromising. Each piece of funmi hair extensions passes through a quality control check process and inspection before being completely certified for use by the consumers.

Funmi hair comes in numerous beautiful styles and types for example wavy, straight, curly, Ombre coloured and so on. It features full and voluminous hair extensions and attachments with amazing finishing and a luscious and fulfilling final look.

Funmi hair is a special kind of hair texture that greatly differs from other regular hair types. It is usually straight on the top and as you go down the length of the hair, it flows into unique curls at the bottom. It is preferred by women with a more romantic taste as funmi hair features romance curls within the hair. Funmi hair weaves are usually cut out of single donors with fully aligned hair cuticles that face similar directions hence there is very little to no matting or tangling or any such hair problems with proper handling and care.

With 100% satisfaction of pure human virgin hair, funmi is an exquisite and unique look for customers.

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