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Help & Faqs

Q1: Will it shedding?

A1: After the factory workers sew the hair pieces in to a bundle, there might be some short pieces that are not attached to the weft, so when you first comb it or wash it, it will go out. That's not shedding, comb them out and it will be fine. The wefts are double drawn machine weft to prevent possible shedding, if you have to cut the wefts to adjust the hair volume for your install, please make sure to seal the edges of the wefts so it won't shed. And never wash or comb the hair with too much strength, it is virgin hair, it needs more of your love to thake care of it, or it will break off.

Q2: Can be curled or dyed?

A2: The hair could be dyed and iron-flat, iron flat plz don't exceed 150°C, or the hair will be destroyed. Also the hair will come back to its natural wavy after you wash it or iron-flat.

Q3: Grey hair?

A3: All hair is unavoidable to have a few strands of gray hair on it because of the donor's health condition. You would never find gray hair in any of the fake hair products. If you really don't like it, just take it off the bundle, I'm sure it won't hurt you at all. Thank you for your understanding!

Q4: Will it Tangled?

A4: As this is 100% Human hair, the hair is still with full cuticles aligned in the same direction. After we make the straight hair into different curl patterns, the cuticles on each strand of hair is no longer lie beside each other, it might be going up and forward, that is why sometimes you will feel it is not very easy to run your fingers through the hair, and this is simply because it has a hair style and the cuticles are stopping your fingers because from what they might react your fingers are some kind of invader. Hair can get thangles because it is too dry and gathering too much of dust and other stuff, at this time remember not to wash it with shampoo because that is gonna make it even worse. Wash it with clear warm water and deep condition it for a while, it will get better and better!

Q5: How Much Hair Do I Need?

A5: The hair is about 95-100g/Bundle, 3 bundles are enough for a head usually because the weight of all the bundles is constant, the shorter bundle is thicker than long one.