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Brazilian Curly Hair

The Best Brazilian Curly Hair Extensions

While it's not an easy task to identify which hair type is the best we are still here to speak about one of the mot required hair extensions. Brazilian curly hair is surely one of the strongest, shiniest and high-quality hair to choose as extensions.

Women from South Africa and Brazil grow their locks in order to provide it to salons. Below we'll discuss some of the most important questions regarding Brazilian curly hair and if you want to opt for these extensions you'd better learn more about its advantages and care tips.

  1. Why people think Brazilian hair is the best?
  2. What is the best Brazilian curly hair?
  3. How to know if it's virgin/natural or not?

Brazilian Hair is the Best

So, why do people think it's the best? There are several obvious facts that make people think Brazilian virgin hair is the best for extensions. First, it's thick, full body and voluminous. Second, it's strong and long-lasting. Third, Brazilian hair stands out with its healthy shine. This hair is very beautiful and tends to give you many hairstyle ideas. You can mix it with your natural hair and still style the way you like. Whether it's straight or curly it's tangle-free. You can easily style it in a number of hairstyles using different tools and products.

However, it's recommended to keep Brazilian hair the way it is. Virgin Brazilian hair is very soft and smooth compared with many other human hair extensions. Another advantage of this hair is that unlike its dark shade it easily handles dying and bleaching. You can dye it in any hair color you like, but make sure you have a professional approach to it. Thanks to its quality, Brazilian hair doesn't become frizzy if you take proper care. Women with great love towards Afro hairstyles, often opt for Brazilian Curly Hair.

Best Brazilian Curly Hair

Since, we are here to discover Brazilian curly hair let's first of all discuss how you could now if it's the best. Leaving alone the above represented facts and advantages about Brazilian extensions, we can say that curly locks are the best because they are versatile, full body, bouncy, textured, voluminous and so beautiful. Curly hair tends to look more feminine than straight extensions and it grabs much attention. So, the best Brazilian curly hair is supposed to come in natural dark brown or black color. It can be dyed, straightened with heating tools and styling products. Before buying, one should make sure it is virgin.

Virgin or Natural Human Brazilian Hair

Taking into account the fact that there are millions of providers of Brazilian hair extensions we would like to give you a piece of advice on how to know whether you buy virgin Brazilian hair or not.

  • These tips will help you make the right choice and stay safe.
  • Thus, the first thing you may do to check if it's virgin is to smell.
  • In fact, virgin hair should be taken from a human donor and therefore it shouldn't smell like a product brought from a beauty store or factory.
  • The smell of chemicals will allow you to decide whether the hair is natural or artificial.
  • Then you can check for excessive shedding.
  • It's normal if hair sheds because both our natural hair and artificial locks shed, but if you cob or run your fingers through the extensions and see they are shedding more than normal, then you may think they are fake.
  • In this case you can even ask for a sample of hair to take with you home in order to check if it's natural.

Just tell the seller about your worries ask for a sample. Once you have it on your hand you can do another experiment to check if it's natural. Just burn one or two strands. In fact virgin hair quickly burns and smells just the way your natural hair may smell while being burnt.

Syntactic or artificial hair on the other hand burns slowly and smells like burning plastic. Use curling or straighten tools to see whether you ae provided with beautiful curls or straight hair.

Virgin Brazilian hair is styled easily and beautifully. Just make sure you use hair protective products before using heating tools. Also, you'll know the hair is virgin or natural if it becomes wavy when wet.All natural hair types tend to become slightly wavy after washing (even straight locks). When it comes to bleaching and dying, real Brazilian hair stays silky and soft after being fully or half-dyed. Synthetic hair becomes tangled and dry after bleaching and dying.

Thus, keep in mind the above represented steps to check Brazilian hair before buying and don't forget to pay special attention to your natural hair and skin type before wearing hair extensions. Try to keep them as shiny as possible and use the right care tips to have long-lasting and healthy locks.