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Good Hair Bundles

Many choices of good hair bundles available for you regardless of your hair status, whether your hair is thick, thin, subtle, and short or long, Luvs Hair has something in place for everyone. You may be wondering which type of good hair bundle will blend well with your real hair. You will probably find the answer to this question here. In reality, the lower the price of the hair is, the unhealthier the hair is going to feel, the more the hair is going to shed and the more the hair is going to tangle as well. However, Luvs Hair is here to get you covered with high-quality hair bundles for affordable (virgin quality texture) and moderate price.

Various Types of Good Hair Bundles

In today's world, a good human hair bundle is classified using five different factors, which are porosity, wave pattern, elasticity, texture, and density. The POROSITY means the ability of your hair to absorb moisture. The WAVE PATTERN includes curly, straight, coiled, or very curly. Individuals with coiled or very curly hair always need curly hair care products and treatments to maintain their original appearance. ELASTICITY OR FLEXIBILITY means how much will the hair stretch. Please be informed that the health of hair is a huge factor when it comes to elasticity. When you see very elastic hair, that means the hair is in good condition or healthy. The TEXTURE is whether your hair is medium or fine, coarse. That means the circumference of the hair. The last factor, DENSITY means the thinness or thickness of your hair. Always consult your stylist about the traits of your hair.

Remy hair bundles or Virgin hair bundles: Which good hair bundles should I Choose? I mean the best one!

Remy hair bundles refer to the hair that the manufacturer has ensured all of the ends and roots of the donor hairs that make up the weft are running in the same direction, which makes it possible for the weft to flow and acts as your real hair does. High-quality Remy hair you get from Luvs Hair will not snag or tangle when cared for properly.

It is not only globally renowned that Virgin hair bundles are the best grade of all weave hair bundles that available at the market today but accepted and acknowledged as well. This virgin hair is 100% unprocessed, never treated with a chemical. As a result, virgin hair bundles can be colored and styled, just like your real hair. When it comes to good Virgin human hair bundles, Indian, Peruvian, Malaysian, and Brazilian hair bundles are the most popular types.

What is Good Hair Bundles Texture

Every good hair has its unique weave, which is wavy, wave patterns, straight, tight curly or deep wave.

How Many Good Hair Bundles Do I Have To Buy For A Full Sew In?

This question is most common among our customers. However, the right answer to this question will be based on the hairstyle, length, cut, and the shape and size of your head. So, only those factors mentioned will determine the number of hair bundles you would need for a full sew-in, but typically three packages are the magic number for average sew in good hair weave.

Some Crucial Tips about Care Good Hair Bundles

  • If you want your hair bundles to free from tangles, then always apply sprays or serum on it. Luvs Hair highly recommends a silicone-based spray or serum.
  • Do not rinse your good hair bundles every day. Doing so will reduce its lifespan. It is advised that you wash it once a week. That is enough offered you comb the hair and detangle it before rinsing. You could also rinse your hair bundles if it has gone through unfavorable pollution, dust, or bad weather.
  • Always try to condition your hair bundles deeply at least once a fortnight. You need to do so if you use heating tools on your hair bundles.