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Peruvian Hair Bundles

The Benefits of Choosing Peruvian Hair Bundles

Every hair type and texture has its specifications, pros and cons. When the thing is about human hair extensions each of us should choose the one that works well with their natural hair type and scalp. Many people make their choice between Peruvian, Brazilian and Malaysian hair bundles. Today we'll speak about the benefits of choosing Peruvian Hair Bundles in order to help you decide whether you need it or not.

  • What is virgin Peruvian hair?
  • What are the benefits of Peruvian Hair Bundles?
  • How to choose Peruvian hair?
  • How to take care for Peruvian hair?

What is Virgin Peruvian Hair?

Before buying any type of hair extensions you should first of all know the specifications of the product. Nowadays many people opt for hair extensions but not everyone knows which is the best for their natural locks. In order to find out what Peruvian hair is we may compare it with other popular hair extensions. Thus, compared with Brazilian hair Peruvian hair is thicker in its texture, but quite lightweight. It blends well with relaxed types of Afro hair but is the best choice for medium Caucasian hair textures. Natural Peruvian hair is straight, curly or slightly wavy in its texture. It is thick and strong.

The Benefits of Peruvian Hair

Leaving alone the idea that Peruvian hair is strong and high-quality we can also say that it's very beautiful both in its texture and natural shine. In spite of the fact that Peruvian hair is thick enough it is also very lightweight and looks as voluminous as many Afro-American hair types.

  • This hair type is loved by many black women who opt for hair extensions to add length and volume to their natural strands.
  • Virgin Peruvian hair can be flat-ironed, curled, colored, bleached and styled with regular hair products.
  • One of the main benefits of Peruvian hair is that it hasn't undergone damaging chemical-based processes that may forbid you style or treat it the way you do with your own hair.
  • It is quite flexible and allows you to style it the way you like.
  • In the case of straight Peruvian hair girls are welcome to go for waves and curls.

Wavy and curly hairstyles are long-lasting on Peruvian hair bundles. As a result, you'll be provided with luxurious hairstyles. Actually, it is considered as one of the healthiest types of hair, which makes it the best choice for hair extensions. Peruvian hair tends to last longer with proper care.

Since the hair looks voluminous you will need fewer bundles to finish the desired full-body effect. This will also save you money. It is comfortable, full of shine, soft and when you clip it onto your own hair you fell quite natural and convenient. Compared to other extensions you won't feel extra weight. The silky soft, smooth, and tangle-free Peruvian hair bundles can give you a natural and even more beautoful look.

How to Choose Peruvian Hair

Regardless of the hair type it's always better if you choose virgin or natural hair extensions instead of synthetic. Virgin Peruvian hair is very light, silky and luscious. You'll know it's 100% real if it has never been processed or treated with any kind of chemicals. Natural Peruvian hair can undergo bleaching, dying and many other processes that your natural hair type allows you to undertake. You can also use your regular hair styling tools and products to straighten or curl Peruvian hair bundles. Natural colors of this hair are black, dark and light browns, which are easily bleached and dyed in other shades. Women with wavy or straight hair can choose Peruvian bundles without worrying of its final effect. It will surely look natural and no one will ever think you have worn extensions. As for the hair color, you can dye it in a suitable shade for your eyes and complexion.

Care for Peruvian Hair Bundles

According to many users and stylists Peruvian hair bundles are of high-quality and with proper care and maintenance, they can last for years. Here we'll share some good tips with you on how to take care for Peruvian Hair Extensions in order to save their quality, natural shine and beauty. So, it is recommended to use essential oils such as coconut or olive oil (consider your skin and scalp type) to provide it with extra shine. Always use a wide-toothed comb and brush it in damp state. Use deep conditioning and both for your natural hair and extensions. It is better if you use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.

When choosing products make sure they work well with your skin and scalp type. Opt for heating tools only if you really want to change up its style because too much use of blow drier, flat or curling irons can damage hair. Follow these tips especially before going to bed.

So, how to manage peruvian weave properly? Here is a nice procedure of taking care of hair type that should help you to save money and become more beautiful.